10 Glorious year top 10 Reasons to love Helly Shah!

Helly Shah is a perfect example of class, beauty and quality. Over the years she has entertained us with her implacable acting skills. Rose to fame playing the character of ‘Swaragini’, Shah’s swag as ‘Riddhima’ is seizing audience heart. Diva gloriously completed a decade at the industry. Hardworking Helly is shining at the top in successful ITV actress list. Self-made Shah never miss a chance to amaze her fans with her on-screen presence. Helly completed a decade on the TV, fans are celebrating the day by showering a love for her.

Thus, here we are quoting all the reasons to love Helly. Read them out below. 10 years and 10 reasons to love Shah!


Helly Shah is a graceful dancer. She dance her heart out and there is no second thought in that. Her recent reel on ‘Nadiyon Paar’ set the screen on fire.



Shah is an amazing actress and there is no doubt in that. All her played characters till date are seasons hit. Right from Talli, Shruti, Alaxmi, Ami Joshipura, Swara, Devanshi, Saltanat, Kainaat, Riddhima to Cherry; Helly flaunted her amazing acting skills being an actor.


Mood Fixer:

Her goofy pictures instantly carry away our blues!


Emotional Queen:

No one can beat Helly in emotional scenes. Her character Riddhima is the proof! In the emotional scene, Helly’s flawless acting wins audience heart.



On and Off-screen; Helly’s set fashion trend. Her outfits from Ishq Mein Marjawan has a separate fanbase.


Her eyes:

Shah’s eyes speak volume. Helly knows well how to bring emotion through eyes.


Fitness freak:

Helly also motivates her fans and followers to adopt healthy lifestyle. She is fitness freak; her gym and yoga posts has a separate fanbase.


Dazzling diva is a poser.



Helly is cute and sexy both. Currently her bold and fierce look is capturing audience heart. She knows well how to carry sexiness with ease.



Last but not the least; Helly Shah is one of the most down to heart and humble ITV star. Her co-stars never fail to praise her humbleness!.

Share with us what made you to fall for Helly Shah!

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