5 Reasons that made us fall in love with Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is a light-hearted story. Amber (Varun Badola), Nia (Anjali Taratari) and Guneet (Shweta Tiwari) winning hearts with their performance.

Here are 5 reasons that made us fall in love with it.

Nia is an award-winning employee and a doting daughter. Her love for her father has no bounds. When she got an opportunity to go to the U.S for professional training her first thought was how she would live away from her father for 2 years. She was in two minds about leaving her father behind or becoming successful professionally. But in the end she decided to go to the U.S for her training and she is definitely not a typical lead.

Nia gifts Amber a shirt which he doesn’t like. He isn’t afraid to tell Nia how much he hates the color of the new shirt. Nia also lets her father know when his dessert doesn’t taste good. This tells that we can say anything and not be formal in relationships that mean the most to us. Nia and Amber’s relationship is how honest and with the times it is.

Guneet is someone we get to know to love. The character shatters two stereotypes in a single stroke. A 40-year single woman, who is signed up on a dating site. This is definitely a first for Indian television and we are impressed. We also get to know that she is very innocent which is why she is taken advantage of.

When Nia’s friend Kabir comes to her house for the first time, Amber makes him coffee just like he had promised Nia earlier. But the coffee is strong and so is his message to Kabir. Amber makes sure Kabir understands that dating Nia will not come easy.

Amber is full of sarcasm and Guneet is chirpy. When they talk on the phone for the first time, we get a very interesting conversation. Guneet and Amber bond over similar tastes in music without even knowing each other’s names. And we can’t help but wonder if this is what it’s like when we meet our soulmate.

Romance over 40 is still considered a taboo in India and considered off-limits if you have grown-up kids. Mere Dad Ki Dulhan throws out the regular soap tropes and gives us a much-needed refreshing look at this issue.

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