5 reasons to prove that Shazaan of Bahu Begum is one of the happening couple of telly town

Colors TV popular show Bahu Begam which grabbed eyeballs from the day of its launch witnessed various changes in the lives of the leading couple Azaan and Shayra. The show, though is criticized in various ways for its bold storyline of a guy married to two women, it also gave some specific couple goals with the lead couple Shayra and Azaan. The couple who is called as Shazaan with love by fans has set some major couple goals for its audience.

Shayra who’s an orphan and is brought up in states is an ideal wife for Azaan who takes care of him and his family as her own. Fans just love the soft-spoken and good-hearted Shayra for her nature.


Azaan just sets the standards so high for husband goals. Even in the tough situations he never forgets to take stand for his loved wife Shayra thus proving that they both deserve each other.

Shayra and Azaan not only set a couple goals but also respect each other for what they are. Shayra was never insecure of Noor and always trusted Azaan and his friendship with Noor which is really rare for any wife in the current situation.

Noor then comes as a storm in the lives of Azaan and Shayra but their love or trust never faded a bit. They faced the problems caused by Noor with unity and trust in each other. Azaan never let Shayra go even when he was forced to marry Noor due to circumstances.

The leads chemistry is something that one could never turn a blind eye for it. Their chemistry just lights up the screen and added to it is their beautiful story that makes the couple a super-duper hit.

“The couple that is meant to be is the couple that goes through all the situations that tears them apart, still comes out stronger than before” Shayra and Azaan are one such couple that sets an example for the above quotes.

Watch their amazing chemistry and beautiful story at Bahu Begum from Mon-Fri at 9:30 p.m only on Colors Tv.

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