5 Reasons why Bepanah Pyaar should be in your watch list!

Here listing few reasons why you should give a try to ‘Bepanah Pyaar’

Colors TV show Bepanah Pyaar premiered on 3rd June 2019 and the show opened with Raghbir (Pear V Puri) who is madly and deeply in love with his wife Bani (Aparna Dixit) who left him alone 3 years ago. The heartbroken Raghbir is still stuck with Bani’s memories. And find it hard to move on in his life.

Pearl V Puri, Aparna Dixit and Ishits Dutta starring show is a sheer combination of mystery, romance, drama and thriller.

Well! If you are thinking ‘Bepanah Pyaar’ is a normal love story than you are wrong, as the show story is far beyond that.

Show ‘Bepanah Pyaar’ holds a horror touch with Bani’s spirit roaming around at Malhotra’s house and is currently directing Pragati to find the real culprit who took her life.

Under unfavorable condition Raghbir ends up marrying Pragati and when she entered Raghbir’s house gets to know a shocking truth that Bani didn’t met a natural death but someone killed her.

The story took a turn from there and Pragati is now hunting for the real culprit, and to her shock she is getting all the pointers towards Raghbir.

So, do Raghbir is victim or a culprit?

Well, to know more we have to wait  for the episodes to unfold but here we have listed top most reasons as why you should watch Bepanah Pyaar!

  • Suspense

If suspense and thriller is your genre than Bepanah Pyaar is definitely for you!

The show is full of suspense. Right from Raghbir to each member of Malhotra family has hidden some or the other secret. So far, it is difficult to figure out who is the real culprit and that suspenseful grip throughout will hold you attention !


  • Pearl V Puri’s new shade

Actor Pearl V Puri is breaking his own records by playing a character of Raghbir.

Pearl V Puri in the show is portraying a role of an alcoholic lover who lost his wife, he is not ready to move on his life, and sometimes attempts to harm himself.

Yes, Raghbir can be counted as (Kabir Singh) of ITV and Pearl is flawlessly bringing a life to the character.


  • Love Story

Raghbir and Bani’s love story is well-defined. The duo loved each other and after Bani’s death Raghbir still misses her and don’t want to move on. He got married to Pragati but for Raghbir Bani is his only priority!

Raghbir crazily loves Bani even after her death and passion is clearly seen in his acts.

  • Romance

The real romance between Pragati and Raghbir didn’t start yet but the nok-jhok, fall and catch between the duos is peppery.

Pearl V Puri and Ishita Dutta is a fresh pair on- screen and the chemistry between the duos is surely making the hearts to skip a beat.

  • Last but not the least to know whose face is behind Bani’s murder, to unfold this mystery you should watch Bepanah Pyaar because the confusion is one level up.

So here are our top most reasons and we would like to hear from you, as why you love watching Bepanah Pyaar. Leave your comments and keep watching the show Mon-Fri on Colors TV at 10PM.

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