A journey from Strangers to Soulmate: Ronakshi

One never knows the person who is just standing beside you in a metro, or with whom you just collided but didn’t notice each other clearly can be the one you are looking for all your life. We never know when and how the paths of two destined people cross with each other, it’s just a matter of the right time and place.

Sonakshi Rastogi, a TV actress sometimes completes her sleep in her car and that day too she was doing the same when her driver took a wrong turn and collided with three people who are on a bike. The person on the bike is the renowned heart surgeon of India, Dr. Rohit Sippy frowned to find a lady is allowing her driver to be ruthless on road. They meet properly on one fine day when Dr. Sippy is stuck in traffic near her set and some people asked him if he can check a patient in need? Unknown to the games of destiny Dr. Sippy entered the world of TV and meets Sonakshi Rastogi, the Parvati of KPK.

When they meet for the first time they had an argument on beliefs and opinions. While Sonakshi thought today she meets a rude doctor, Rohit thinks she is an over smart TV actor. Little bit they don’t know it was all about their destiny. Situations and circumstances keep making them stand in front of each other. Sometimes the best heart surgeon feels offended by the content of KPK and goes to set to teach them a lesson. On the other side, Sonakshi got an invite from his own hospital to be a chief guest in their event. He thinks of her work as the most ridiculous and illogical thing. Whereas she considers medical people as respectable people of society. Remember how she impressed him for the first time with a speech on his invented technology. After this, for some of the other reasons they keep on coming face to face and slowly coming closer until something happened and they become friends officially. It was all started with his watch which is very dear to him. He left the sign of his past at her set who is destined to be his present and future.
The first time he feels otherwise about her when she returned the money for attending his hospital event as she doesn’t take money from public welfare and armed forces and also cleared the air about wrong news in a special press conference.

Sonakshi for the first time witness the soft side of Rohit behind his rude nature when she witnessed him going restless for a watch. A soft start to their friendship initiated and it has to face so much flames to sustain as well. But somehow they always end up together leaving behind all those challenges and obstacles in their path.

They come a bit closer to each other when both Sonakshi and Rohit opened up to each other effortlessly. Rohit who never shared about his feelings to his own family feels okay to speak up about his story with her. Thus, marked a new journey of their own. Unknown to Rohit, his heart grabbed this second chance of life and Sonakshi starts to fall for his caring nature and loyalty.

Rohit and Sonakshi are slowly becoming each other support, partner in true sense with each passing day. Rohit who is not even approved of TV actors starts to share his every insecurity, struggles, happiness with Sonakshi. She has become his window where he can have some fresh air. Sonakshi also finds solace and happiness in his company. He was even okay to fake his relationship with her to get saved from getting married. Sonakshi on the other side decided to bring back the love Rohit misses in his life. His endless trust in her and her selfless love for him is the actual pioneer of their relationship.

Rohit for the first time shows his possessiveness for her when she was falsely framed in a murder case. Unknown to his own self, he did speak, act and behave like a soulless body when he felt he could lose her which he admitted too. He does act on his hidden feelings for her even without realizing it.

Rohit who lived under the impression that he is in love with Raima still was basically guilty and needed closure. The reality strikes him when he went to church to pray for Raima but came back realizing that he is in love with Sonakshi.

Sonakshi almost gave up on her tiny hopes to have him in her life and he finally decided to move on for better with Sonakshi. When he was just about to start a new journey with Sonakshi, his past love Raima made a comeback and blamed Sonakshi for she and Rohit being away from each other. However, Rohit and his trust on Sonakshi has grown to such an extent that it doesn’t move an inch with her allegations. He was sure about her innocence and believes in her. In spite of Raima made a comeback in their life he chose Sonakshi, his destiny. Sonakshi who always believed that love will make an entry in her life finally gets her happily ever after in him.

Rohit and Sonakshi are happily married now and if we look behind that he was the same guy who was running away from giving a chance to himself and she was the one who in spite of knowing he can never be hers didn’t give up on him. Not a fairytale but a story of being together against all odds, be each other support without any expectations, giving unconditional love to the one you feel for. Today Rohit and Sonakshi are the happiest people and are here to erase all the bad memories of their life by making new.
As the tagline of the show said once, let us improvise it a bit.

” Jo Dil Se Ek Hain, Unki Duniya Ek nahi hoti…Voh Apni Ek Nayi Duniya Basa Lete Hain”……