A new entry to make in Sufiyana Pyaar Mera

It’s not the end until it’s completely kannada wedding in Star Bharat show sufiana Pyar Kainaat wedding in Star Bharat show Sufiyana Pyar Mera. The show is currently witnessing the grey shade of Kainaat character. As the regular audience of the show is already aware that Kainaat is pretending to be happy and OK with the wedding of her with Hamza. She is trying her level best to avoid the wedding rituals with Hamza and indirectly celebrating them with Zaroon.

Zaroon on the other hand already doubted her intention when she gifted him a sherwani to wear in her marriage but shrug it off later.

In the last episode of the show she already tried to avoid the wedding dress sent by her groom side for the occasion of Manza whereas Rubina and Ghazala already guessed it.

On the other side Saltanat advised Zaroon for not wearing the dress Kainaat brought for him and not to come in front of her frequently.

In tonight’s episode, dadi will confront Kainaat about not wearing the wedding dress they sent for her. Rubina will come there with the original one but Zaroon and Saltanat will manage the matter somehow. Meanwhile Neelam received a gift from an unknown person at her home.

Zaroon and Saltanat will share some cozy moments with each other where Saltanat will express her anxiety regarding the marriage ceremony of Hamza and Kainaat. However, amidst of all these happenings someone will make an entry in the Shah Manzil and will change the environment of the house. Everyone in the family will be left shocked to see her in the house except Kainaat.

With tension brewing up continuously in the lives of Saltanat, Kainaat and Zaroon, will Zaroon be able to make Saltanat his forever?