A realisation of reality : Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum

Star Plus popular show Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum recently entered the TRP chart with a whopping increase in the numbers.

The show made an entry directly in the top five with a rating of 2.3 during the marriage track of Rohit and Sonakshi. The show which is produced by SOL Production house recently released a promo showcasing the upcoming story of the daily. Rohit and Sonakshi are finally set to start a new life with many dreams in their eyes for future but this new promo will make you rethink.

Well the promo is is showing that the entire Sippy family is blaming Sonakshi for a fault she didn’t commit at all. Sonakshi on the other side is sad and crying to remember their words for her. Rohit being her husband comes to console her but stopped by his mother from going to Sonakshi.
Apparently such promos made us think that maybe it will take the typical Indian television drama style to increase their number in the TRP chart. However, deep down if we think from a realistic approach then this promo is going to be an eye opener for both Rohit and Sonakshi. The show is said to be about two people who are united by heart but divided by their surroundings.

Hence, it will be their turn to realise marital life and family is just not about posing happily in a photo frame. Before the marriage, Rohit promised his mother in law that Sonakshi will be taken care of by his family just the way he gets in the house. Rohit expected his family to understand and value the professional life of Sonakshi as much as they value his profession. Sonakshi is also living in an idea of having a beautiful family and being there ideal daughter in law by taking part in household course actively. It will be rude to say but from the time marriage has evolved in the lives of people it only brings disappointment to hopes and expectations of this sort. When two people are in love they have promises to make, things to do, listen to the words of each other. However, when those two people got in the relation of marriage, then their decisions, actions and reactions affected at a large scale by their surroundings. It no longer remains a matter of two people.
Here Sonakshi being blamed by her in laws is surely heartbreaking but not surprising. Rohit on the other hand is caught between the complexity of expectations and responsibility. His responsibility is to stand with his wife in every thick and thin. Whereas, his family expect their son to be on their side keeping aside the thought of right and wrong.

The promo gives strong feeling of longing, shattered dreams, helplessness, desperation of hiding realities. The people who are blaming Sonakshi, are the same people who are not ready to face the reality of their own deeds. Hands that desperation is cultivating in an aggression of another level. Rohit who has no no bounds of doubt on the integrity of his wife can’t really shrug off the hands that are holding him back. The upcoming story of the show is surely promising and will give people a new point of view to see life and will give a new measurement to judge people for better. We have no doubt on the fact that Rohit and Sonakshi are going to stand by each other and come out of this mess. Moreover, as an audience we are going to get some really nice performances from the actors on board.
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