A sweet tale of seduction and a bloody murder, ALTT to stream new series Janu Jaanlewa

ALTT has created a fanbase for itself with its mystery and thriller storyline, and adding to its series of murder mysteries, the platform is going to stream a new show titled Janu Jaanlewa.

Janu Jaanlewa revolves around a married bank employee falling into an extramarital affair with his long-time crush, who is working as a house help in his native place. And as luck would have it, he finds himself framed as the culprit of a murder that he hasn’t committed.

The show is about Vikram Arora’s character, who, in the urge to fulfill his sexual desires, with his former house help and crush Meera, ends up killing hee husband Jogi and his wife Manisha.

Janu Jaanlewa features Simran Sachdeva, Ankit Arora, Arya Tiwari, Abhay Shukla, and Anupam Sharma. The series will stream exclusively on ALTT from the 14th June 2024