A thief sneaks into Gautam’s house: Pandya Store Spoiler

A thief sneaks into Gautam's house: Pandya Store Spoiler
A thief sneaks into Gautam's house: Pandya Store Spoiler

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Star Plus’s new series Pandya Store has been keeping its audience hooked to the show since the first episode. The viewers are loving the chemistry between the main leads, Dhara and Gautam and appreciating the bonding shared by the four brothers.

In the previous episodes it’s seen that Anita apologizes to Gautam and hugs him. Gautam pushes her way. Dhara gets shocked seeing them together and gets disturbed noticing the lipstick mark on Gautam’s shirt. Other hand Suman calls a marriage broker at home. She gives him money and gets few girls photos to show to Gautam. Dhara feels disturbed every time she looks at the lipstick mark and avoids to look at Gautam while speaking.

She gets jealous, when a customer flirts with Gautam. The latter notices Dhara is angry with him and tries to convince her. Dhara diverts the topic talking about something else. When Gautam decides to go to deliver the orders, Dhara makes him realize that there’s a lipstick on his shirt and she wipes it off. Gautam assures Dhara that Anita is his past and she’s his present and his future. Prafulla gets shocked learning that she got cheated and she is on the verge of losing her one mill and she has to take loan to save it.

In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Dhara and Gautam are happily dancing while a man will sneak into Gautam’s house. He will use a chloroformed kerchief to make Suman unconscious and will start taking out all the jewels and will put it into a bag.

Will Gautam and Dhara notice the thief before he escapes? Who is that thief? Does Prafula send him to steal Suman’s Jewels?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To get latest news about your favorite show Pandya Store, keep checking this space.