Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 10th August 2022 Written Update: Anandibaa gets furious at Emily

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Episode starts with Anandibaa giving a punishment for Emily. She declares that she won’t talk to her as a punishment and goes away from there. Whereas, Aarav gets elated after convincing Anandibaa for letting Emily stay. He expresses his happiness, while Emily meets Kanchan and others. Everyone gets happy for Emily, except for Gunjan. Meanwhile, Aarav tells Emily that he will never let anything happen to her. He also becomes relieved thinking that he saved his dream to visit America with Emily.


Here, Emily smiles looking at Aarav and decides to give a special surprise for him. She ties a clothe on his eyes and takes him to upstairs. She declares that she wants to make him feel like he is in America and then opens his blindfold. She makes him sit on the chair and notify him about her daily routine in America.

Emily makes Aarav eat the food which she prepared for him while he gets elated having the taste of American food. They both shares an eyelock and spends a quality time with one another. Whereas, Parimal gets worried thinking about the task given by Parimal. He gets restless to complete it and then sees Aagya going to take a shower.

Elsewhere, Parimal stops Aagya and intentionally starts messing with him. The latter gets furious at Gulab for talking bad about Anandibaa. The latter also talks about Aagya being a pet of his mother and does the things only which Anandibaa permits him for. He makes fun of Aagya thinking that the latter will slap him in return.

Aagya gets angry and starts going away from there. Gulab stops him and signals to slap him, but the latter proclaims that first he will have to take Anandibaa’s permission for it. Gulab gets frustrated with Aagya and leaves from there. Whereas, Anandibaa keeps waiting for Gunjan and gets restless. At that time Emily comes there and observes the latter.

Ahead, Emily ask Anandibaa that if she needs anything. She remembers her punishment that she can’t directly talk to Anandibaa nor she will directly reply to her. The latter gets an idea and starts questioning the glass and chairs. She ask if they needs anything? She also suggest that she can give the message to Gunjan if the matter is important.

Anandi baa looses her guard and starts telling Emily about the matter via talking to the glass and chairs. She gives a task to Emily in order to tell Gunjan to fill the form for sweet making competition. The latter goes towards Gunjan and tells her about it, while the latter gets a cunning ploy and pretends to injure her knees. She ask Emily to go to fill the form instead of her.

Further, Gunjan lies to Emily that every daughter-in-law participate in the competition and makes the latter write her name. Later, Gunjan pretends to get shock seeing Emily’s name instead of Anandibaa, while the latter gets furious at Emily for ruining it. She tells that she used to win the competition since a long time and due to Emily this time they won’t be able to win it, while the latter decides to participate instead of Anandibaa and determines to win it.

Precap:- Anandibaa gets furious at Emily and declares that the latter have challenged her. She proclaims that if Emily fails to win the competition and if their family name gets spoiled by her, then the latter have to bear a severe punishment. She states that she will throw Emily out of the house instantly, while the latter ask if she wins the competition then will Anandibaa permits her to enter the kitchen? To which the latter agrees. Anandibaa and Emily starts their challenge, while Gunjan looks at them.

Episode starts with Anandibaa practicing yoga and feels relaxed. At that time Gulab comes there and tries to fulfill Parimal’s task. He insists Anandibaa to slap him if he fails to win against her, whereas she agrees for it. They both starts spinning while Anandibaa feels dizzy and stops. Gulab acts weirdly in front of Anandibaa and forces her to slap him, but she denies and orders him to leave from there. He goes away seeing her anger, while she makes herself calm and again goes back to do yoga. She feel elated and keeps continuing it.

Here, Gunjan sees Anandibaa doing the same Yoga in which she assumed her to be getting Asthama attack. She immediately rushes towards Emily, as the latter was drying clothes. She makes an excuse and ask her to be near Anandibaa so she can impress her. She assures that she will handle the clothes and sends Emily towards Anandibaa.

Gunjan smirks thinking about her plan to throw Emily out of the house and then goes towards Pinky to stop her from spoiling it. She keeps an eye on Emily along with Pinky and stops the latter from going downstairs when Emily will call for them.

Elsewhere, Emily gets shocked seeing Anandibaa’s state. She thinks her to be suffering from Asthama attack and gets concerned. She shouts for Gunjan but the latter hides and waits for Emily to enter inside the kitchen. Without having any other choice, the latter goes inside the kitchen to get the powder.

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