Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 15th September 2022 Written Update: Anandibaa ask Emily to leave the house

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Episode starts with Gunjan spotting Aarav and Emily sleeping together on the terrace. She smirks and plans to disturb their peaceful sleep. She takes Pinky towards them and states that their plan is working as per their need. She proclaims that by throwing Emily out of Aarav’s life, she will make a space for Pinky to marry him. She keeps reminding Pinky about their motive, while the latter compliments Aarav and Emily as a couple. She praises that they both looks good together, while Gunjan gets furious and ask her to concentrate on their plan to scare the Sanghanis, so that Anandibaa will start believing in Moti Baa’s ghost.

Here, Gunjan smirks and goes towards Aarav and Emily. She makes Pinky hides from there and then pours the water upon both of them in order to wake them up. They both gets shocked and jolted up. Aarav realises about the situation, while Gunjan states that ghosts can cone to terrace also. Emily becomes scared hearing about the ghost and goes towards Aarav while he ask her not to be afraid.

Aarav consoles Emily that there isn’t anything as ghost and gives comfort to her. She looks at Gunjan being nervous, while they hears Anandibaa’s voice coming towards them. Aarav gets worried and proclaims that if Anandibaa sees him along with Emily, then she won’t spare him. He ask the latter to run away from there and himself also goes away in order to avoid his mother.

Elsewhere, Pinky talks to Gunjan but the latter ask her to jeel hiding from Anandibaa. Pinky covers herself in order to avoid encounter with Anandibaa, while the latter comes there and gets tired after doing some chores. She mistook Pinky as a chair and sits up in it, while the katter screams. Gunjan takes the blame upon herself and handles the situation. Whereas, Anandibaa enjoys sitting on Pinky thinking it to be a chair.

Gunjan somehow makes Anandibaa stand in order to help her sister. She then manipulates Anandibaa stating that there is something which is making Moti Baa furious. She ask Anandibaa to focus on finding about her mistake, while the latter gets confused but still tries to find about the reason.

Ahead, Anandibaa makes Gunjan sit near the potrait of Moti Baa and ask her to concentrate on finding about the reason. At that time Gulab also comes there and tries to do the same thing. He tied clothe on his eyes, while Anandibaa gets frustrated with him way and ask Gunjan to keel trying.

Gunjan tells Anandibaa that there is some of her decision which is upsetting Moti Baa. At that time Pinky will break Aarav and Emily’s photoframe while everyone will gets shocked. Gunjan manipulates Anandibaa against the latter and she takes a huge decision to send Aarav and Emily away from their house. Emily gets worried after hearing the decision and tries to stop Anandibaa, while Aarav assures her that everything will get fine.

Further, Gunjan and Pinky keels scaring Eniky. At that time Lord Krishna comes there and gives a piece of advice to her. He ask her to fight for her right and to convince others. Emily decides to win Anandibaa’s faith, while Gulab mistakenly holds Pinky’s hand and mistook her to be his wife. Pinky somehow saves herself from him and hides from there in order to keep her presence a secret. Whereas, Gunjan gets worried thinking about Emily’s plan to convince Anandibaa.

Precap:- Emily insists Anandibaa to give her a chance to win Moti Baa’s heart. She promises to convince her, while the latter gets speechless. Emily will brings soundtrack and dresses herself as a dancer. She starts performing in front of Moti Baa’s portrait, while Aarav becomes shocked. Whereas, Anandibaa and Gunjan keeps staring the latter being stunned.

Episode starts with Gunjan telling her plan to Pinky. She ask the latter to scare Emily in order to make Anandibaa believe that Moti Baa’s spirit is angry with her. Meanwhile, Sanghanis wait for the crow to come and eat the food, but due to Gunjan’s ploy all the crows flies away from there. Pinky dresses up like a scarecrow as instructed by her sister, in order to fulfill their plan. Aagya gets tired waiting for the crow, while Gunjan instigates Anandibaa stating that maybe Moti Baa is angry with her because of some reason. Anandibaa gets into thinking and tries to find the possible mistake done by her which can upset Moti Baa’s spirit.

Here, Gunjan indirectly tells Anandibaa about her decision of marrying Aarav and Emily. Aagya says that they all married in their caste, except for Aarav. The latter gets frustrated with his family’s thinking while Anandibaa recalls the words said by Moti Baa and gets worried.

Gunjan goes inside her room while Pinky comes there and shares her problem. Gunjan scolds her and forces to become the ghost. The latter explains the plan to Pinky and ask her not to do any mistake, while the latter assures about it. Meanwhile, Pinky questions that how she will transform into ghost? To which Gunjan starts scaring her.

Elsewhere, Gunjan ask Pinky to close her eyes and then makes a scary face on the mirror. Pinky gets scared seeing it and screams while Gunjan stops her and says that she will have to act to be a ghost. Gunjan ask Pinky to pack her luggage and says that she will make an excuse to the family members about her that Pinky had left for her house as her parents are trying to find a groom for her.

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