Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 20th September 2022 Written Update: A difficult choice for Emily

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 20th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Anandibaa getting furious at Emily for going against her. She roams around her room and keeps rebuking the latter, while Gunjan along with Gulab and Pinky tries to calm her down. The latter feels dizzy and holds her head, while Gunjan shows her concern towards Anandibaa and makes her sit on the bed. She tries to calm the latter and ask not to stress herself about the issue. She then ask everyone to go out of the room, while Gulab ignores her. Gunjan reminds him again to leave the room, while he unwilling goes away.

Here, Gunjan instigates Anandibaa against Emily and says that the latter tried to humiliate her in front of everyone. Anandibaa gets anxious and agrees to Gunjan, while the latter smirks. She ask Gunjan to do something in order to teach Emily a lesson, while the latter reminds Anandibaa about the words of Emily that he would have left his husband if he was bald.

Anandibaa gets confuse hearing Gunjan’s statement, to which the latter explains that she will create the same situation for Emily by making Aarav loose his hair and then will see what Emily will do. Anandibaa gets elated hearing Gunjan’s plan and appreciates it. The latter smirks and assures Anandibaa to fulfill the plan as soon as possible.

Elsewhere, Gunjan starts acting that she is too naive to think about such ploy and acts in front of Anandibaa, to which the latter ask to keep helping her till Emily goes out of the house. She shows her gratitude towards Gunjan for the plan and ask her to imply it soon. Gunjan takes Anandibaa’s blessings and goes away smirking about her plan.

Emily gets into turmoil, while Aarav confronts her and questions that why she went against Anandibaa? He tries to find an answer while she couldn’t able to tell the truth to him, because of her promise to Priyanka. She shows her worry while Aarav consoles her and assures that soon Anandibaa will forgive her.

Ahead, Gunjan meets a lady and takes hair removal cream from her. She shows it to Pinky and then goes inside Aarav’s bathroom to replace his shampoo with the hair removal cream. He ask Pinky to keep an eye and alert her if anyone comes there. Whereas, Anandibaa confronts Pinky and ask about the matter, while she mistakenly gives the hair removal cream to her.

Gunjan comes out if the washroom and gets shocked finding about the blunder done by Pinky. She scolds the latter and worries about the consequences. They waits for Anandibaa to come out of the washroom and gets relieved finding that she haven’t used the cream to wash her hair. Meanwhile, Anandibaa ask Gunjan to help her in punishing Emily.

Further, Payal takes Emily to the police station and makes her meet a police officer. She introduces themselves and notify Emily about their family relationship. She tells the matter to the police, while Emily clarifies that Priyanka wants to get separated from Nilesh and insist the police not to arrest him or put charges on him before that. He agrees to her request and determines to file a complaint against Nilesh of abuse after Priyanka and his divorce.

Precap:- Aarav takes a bath and uses the shampoo being unaware of Gunjan’s plan. He gets shocked as he looses all his hair, while Anandibaa gives a pure water to Emily and ask her to take an oath that she will leave Aarav if he will loose all his hair and gets bald. Emily gets shocked and looks at Anandibaa being in dilemma, while Gunjan and Pinky smirks thinking about their ploy.

Episode starts with Emily telling Anandibaa about the truth behind reparation of the photo frame. She notify that Jaman repaired it, as Aarav asked him to do it. She denies about Moti Baa’s spirit accepting her and repairing her photo frame. She recalls how Aarav consoled her when she was sad thinking that why Anandibaa doesn’t accepting her. Meanwhile, Aarav assures her that everything will be fine and his mother will soon accept her as the daughter-in-law of the family. He comforts Emily while she gets elated seeing his care towards herself.

Here, Aarav glares at Jaman for exposing their ploy because of his mistake. Anandibaa glares at both of them, while the latter comes forward and confesses the truth. He accept that it was him who instructed Jaman to repair the photo frame, because he couldn’t able to see Emily being hurt. He apologizes to Anandibaa while she keeps glaring at him.

Anandibaa talks about the incident when Moti Baa’s spirit has eaten Emily’s handmade sweetdish. Emily replies to Anandibaa that it wasn’t Moti Baa’s spirit but Gulab, who have eaten it. Everyone gets shocked, while Emily notify that how Gulab loves sweetdish and has consumed it all from the store room. Anandibaa looks at him and glares with her eyes.

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