Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 21st September 2022 Written Update: Jaman helps Aarav to find a wig

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Episode starts with Aarav taking a bath and uses the hair remover cream on his hair instead of shampoo. He was unaware of Gunjan and Pinky’s ploy and couldn’t able to notice that his shampoo got swapped. He looks at his face on the mirror and gets shocked seeing himself bald. He immediately calls Jaman and notify him about the matter. The latter also gets dumbstruck, while Aarav ask him to bring hair for himself. Jaman gets into turmoil and tries to help his friend. Whereas, Aarav worries about Emily’s decision after finding about his situation.

Here, Emily discuss about Priyanka’s matter with Payal. The latter will ask that if Emily will really leave Aarav if he gets bald? To which Emily replies that she won’t have to face such situation in her life. She proclaims that Aarav will never loose his hair and says that soon they will get Nilesh arrested and make him pay for his wrong deeds.

Payal gives an advice to Emily and ask her to think about herself first, before helping anyone else. Emily replies that she will tell the truth to Ananadibaa once Priyanka gets the divorce from Nilesh. Whereas, Ananadibaa gets instigated by Gulab against Emily. He tells her that the latter is spreading rumours about her that she is going to jail.

Elsewhere, Ananadibaa along with her family gets shocked hearing about the information and confronts Emily. The latter gets worried and tries to clarifies herself. Ananadibaa learns about the misunderstanding and scolds Gulab for creating drama. She also ask him to return the money he have taken, to which he starts making some excuses.

Aarav calls Gulab and he goes inside his room along with Aagya. Jaman also joins them and they all gets shocked seeing his bald head. They questions about the matter, to which he replies that even he is unaware that how Emily’s hair removal cream gets swapped as shampoo. Aagya advice him to put cow dung on his head, while Aarav denies and proclaims that he can’t do it.

Ahead, Gulab also suggest some advice to Aarav and makes him turn upside down. He states that the blood flow towards the head will encourage the hair growth. Aarav states that what Emily eill do if she finds about his bald head. At that time Emily knocks the door and insists to let her come inside, but Aarav denies and ask her to go alone to the lawyer, but she denies.

Emily waits for Aarav to come out and shares her suspicion with Payal. Whereas, Ananadibaa waits for Aarav to tell her about his hair loss. Pinky hears Aarav’s conversation and gets confirmed about his bald head. She shows her concern towards Aarav and then notify Gunjan about their plan getting successful. Whereas, the latter tells Ananadibaa about it.

Further, Gunjan consoles Ananadibaa and says that she can understand her pain to see her son without hair. Whereas, Priyanka also comes there to meet Emily, while Ananadibaa again tries to make her understand that her decision to leave Nilesh because of his bald head is wrong. Priyanka proclaims that even Emily can’t stay with Aarav if he gets bald and stays firm on her decision, while Emily looks at her being stunned. Meanwhile, Jaman helps Aarav to fix wig on his head and the latter avoid anyone who tries to touch his head.

Precap:- Ananadibaa gives a pious water to Emily and ask her to vow that she will leave Aarav if he gets bald. Whereas, Payal and Priyanka gets shocked, while Gunjan and Pinky smirks. At that time Aarav and Jaman also comes there and gets dumbstruck as Emily pledges to leave Aarav if he looses his hair.

Episode starts with Anandibaa getting furious at Emily for going against her. She roams around her room and keeps rebuking the latter, while Gunjan along with Gulab and Pinky tries to calm her down. The latter feels dizzy and holds her head, while Gunjan shows her concern towards Anandibaa and makes her sit on the bed. She tries to calm the latter and ask not to stress herself about the issue. She then ask everyone to go out of the room, while Gulab ignores her. Gunjan reminds him again to leave the room, while he unwilling goes away.

Here, Gunjan instigates Anandibaa against Emily and says that the latter tried to humiliate her in front of everyone. Anandibaa gets anxious and agrees to Gunjan, while the latter smirks. She ask Gunjan to do something in order to teach Emily a lesson, while the latter reminds Anandibaa about the words of Emily that he would have left his husband if he was bald.

Anandibaa gets confuse hearing Gunjan’s statement, to which the latter explains that she will create the same situation for Emily by making Aarav loose his hair and then will see what Emily will do. Anandibaa gets elated hearing Gunjan’s plan and appreciates it. The latter smirks and assures Anandibaa to fulfill the plan as soon as possible.

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