Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 24th September 2022 Written Update: Aarav finds a trick to save Emily

Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 24th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Lord Krishna appearing in front of Emily as soon as Priyanka confesses the truth about Nilesh abusing and torturing her. Whereas, Anandibaa makes the latter arrested and Priyanka showed her gratitude towards Emily for helping her. Lord Krishna praises Emily for helping the latter without thinking about her own marriage. He ask if she is feeling good after doing it? To which she replies positively. He proclaims that if her intentions will be nice, then everything will get fine. She joins her hands in front of him while he blesses her and then disappears.

Here, Aagya and Gulab praises Emily for her helpful nature. Payal and Priyanka also takes a stand for the latter. Aarav comes forward and tries to convince Anandibaa to forget about the vow. Whereas, the latter stands there being silent. Emily was about to go inside to pack her stuff, while Priyanka insists Anandibaa to forgive Emily and accept her wholeheartedly.

Aagya and Gulab also advice Anandibaa to do daughter-in-law puja of Emily also along with Gunjan. They all praises the latter for having a beautiful heart. Whereas, Gulab gives money to Anandibaa while she gets furious seeing a very small amount. He smirks and says that he promised her to give money but haven’t told about the amount.

Elsewhere, Aarav gets an idea from Gulab and proclaims that Emily has given a promise to leave the house but haven’t told for how long. He proclaims that she will go only for 24 hours, while everyone agrees for it. Anandibaa stays silent and keeps looking at Aarav and Emily. Gunjan and Pinky gets irked as their plan again gets flopped.

Aarav opens his hands to hug Emilybut she runs towards Anandibaa and hugs her. Meanwhile, Emily keeps talking to Lord Krishna and tells him how to make buttermilk. He smiles at her while Gunjan and Pinky notices her talking to someone invisible. They gets suspicious and decides to use it against her.

Ahead, Gunjan and Pinky confronts Emily and ask that whom she was talking to? To which she decides to hide about the God and replies that she was practicing to learn hindi. Gunjan fakes her sweetness towards Emily and then goes towards the stairs. She calls Anandibaa and ask her to come outside. She makes her see Emily talking to someone and proclaims that the latter is possessed.

Anandibaa gets shocked and become scared. Gunjan and Pinky takes her inside the kitchen and manipulates against Emily. They ask her to throw the latter away from there house orelse she wil kill each and everyone. Anandibaa gets scared but then decides to call Gopal baba to check Emily. Meanwhile, Aarav talks to Jaman about going to America.

Further, Gunjan and Pinky keeps irritating Anandibaa and ask her to send Emily away from the house. Whereas, the latter proclaims that she will wait till Gopal baba comes there. Gunjan thinks about a ploy to throw Emily out as soon as possible, while Emily ask about Gopal baba from Anandibaa, while the latter ask her to give respect to him. Payal also tells her about him while she gets excited to meet him.

Precap:- Anandibaa sits on the sofa and starts doing her work, while at that time Emily comes there and points a gun towards her. Anandibaa gets shocked, whereas Emily proclaims that she had troubled her a lot and now she won’t spare her anymore. Anandibaa becomes dumbstruck and runs away to hide from Emily, whereas the latter follows her. Emily tells that Anandibaa won’t be able to save herself anymore.

Episode starts with Anandibaa telling Aarav about her vow and ask him to donate his hair to the temple as a gratitude towards God for helping them in winning the case. Everyone gets shocked and the latter denies to accept Anandibaa’s request. He says that he can’t afford to do it and proclaims that if he gets bald, then Emily will have to leave him. He tries to make Anandibaa and Gunjan understand about his situation, to which the latter tries to convince him to donate his hair and accept Anandibaa’s request. She says that his mother cares about him and will always think good for him.

Here, Emily gets worried seeing Aarav’s state. Whereas, Gulab and Aagya also takes a stand for Aarav. The latter stays firm on his decision and proclaims that he won’t donate his hair, to which Anandibaa gets adamant and states that she will make him shave his hair anyhow. She gets firm on her decision, while Aarav gets tensed.

Gunjan and Pinky smirks enjoying the drama and the latter intentionally tries to bump into Aarav in order to make him loose his wig, but she gets unsuccessful. Gulab ask her to stay alert and gives her a warning. Whereas, Emily goes inside her room and waits for the God to appear in front of her.

Elsewhere, Lord Krishna comes in front of Emily and ask about her worry, to which she notify him about the divorce papers and her promise to Priyanka. He smiles and proclaims that he knows about it. He calms her while at that time Payal ask for help and Emily rushes towards her. She helps the latter to wash the clothes.

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