Aanandi Baa Aur Emily 31st October 2022 Written Update: Riddhi confesses her love for Aarav

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Episode starts with Riddhi preparing for her first rasoi while Aarav sees it from the upstairs. Meanwhile, Gunjan and Anandibaa waits on the dinning table for the food to get served. Anandibaa smells the spices and ask Gunjan that if she told Riddhi that she doesn’t like spicy food? To which the latter replies positively. Anandibaa gets scared thinking that Riddhi will ruin her first rasoi and recalls how Emily did the same. She proclaims that she will have to rebuke Riddhi also if she fails to impress with her handmade food. Meanwhile, Aarav gets excited thinking that Riddhi will do blunder to prove herself as the worst daughter-in-law.

Here, Aarav gets Jaman’s video call and he becomes elated upon seeing Emily. He shows his excitement and compliments her. Whereas, Jaman tells him about the problem which Emily is facing. He says that her visa is about to expire but proclaims that there is a person who can help them. Meanwhile, Aarav notify them about the first rasoi of Riddhi and states that she will ruin it.

Aarav will show the scenario to Jaman Payal and Emily. They all waits for Riddhi to do some blunder. Whereas, Emily recalls the moment when she cooked food for Anandibaa but couldn’t able to impress her. Aarav understands her turmoil and assures that soon she will be able to impress his mother and proclaims that she will be back to Sanghanis house.

Elsewhere, Riddhi comes to the dinning table with several foods and serves it to Gunjan and Anandibaa. The latter eats it and gets shocked by the taste. Aarav along with Emily gets elated thinking that Riddhi fulfilled their plan, but Anandibaa starts complementing Riddhi. She says that she haven’t tasted such good food in her life.

Anandibaa says that Riddhi cooked food much better then Gunjan and proclaims that states that Riddhi is her perfect daughter-in-law. Emily gets hurt hearing it while Aarav along with Jaman and Payal becomes shocked. They tries to console Emily while she cries and breaks down. They somehow makes her smiles, whole Aarav decides to confront Riddhi.

Ahead, Jaman tells that there is a person who can help Emily to extend her visa and proclaims that it will take some time. He assures Emily while she gets suspicious about Riddhi and decides to find proofs against her. Meanwhile, Aarav goes inside his room and confronts Riddhi for betraying their plan.

Riddhi tries to cover up her action but Aarav gets furious at her. He reminds about their deal while she replies him back. At that time Gunjan comes inside their room and mocks Aarav. She reveals that she knows about the contract marriage and proclaims that she is supporting Riddhi. She states that Aarav wanted to use Riddhi but tells that she won’t let him do it. She instigates Riddhi against Aarav and Emily, while he ask Gunjan to stay away from his matter.

Further, Gunjan challenges Aarav and takes Riddhi downstairs. He follows them and sees their conversation with Anandibaa from the upstairs. Gunjan ask Anandibaa to do a proper traditional wedding of Aarav and Riddhi, while the latter gets agreed for it. Riddhi becomes elated while Aarav gets furious.

He confronts Riddhi and states that she betrayed his trust. He compares her with Emily and says that the latter knows about the real value of love. Riddhi ask Aarav to let Emily sacrifice him, so that he can become hers. He replies that he can sacrifice Emily but won’t let Riddhi’s plan work. He proclaims to reveal the truth to Anandibaa.

Precap:- Anandibaa confronts Gunjan and gets shocked after finding about her truth. The latter states that she always thought Gunjan is the best daughter-in-law but proclaims that she had broken her trust. She states that Emily is far better then Gunjan and ask the latter to leave the house. Gunjan gets heartbroken and cries while Emily also gets emotional and feels bad for Gunjan.

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