Aangan- Aapno Kaa: Akash to save Pallavi!

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Sony Sab’s popular daily soap Aangan-Aapno Kaa is presently focusing on the distressed relationship of Akash and Pallavi and the family is trying to fix it. In the previous episodes we saw Akash goes to stay with Jaydev while Pallavi stays with Aparna.

In the current episode, Pallavi goes for her meeting with the investors. Jaydev lets Aparna know that Akash too has left for his interview. Monty calls Pallavi and informs that he can’t come with her as he too has got a meeting and Pallavi has to meet the investors alone. She comes to meet the investor in his cabin.

She demonstrates her plan to him. It seems that the investor has malign intentions as he tries to take advantage of Pallavi. Akash comes for the interview. The interview is about to get started when he gets a call from Pallavi who tries to inform him that she is in trouble. Akash leaves the interview room and saves Pallavi from the sexual harrasment by the investor.

He scolds Pallavi for coming alone to the place to which Pallavi replies that she is now alone in her life. Deepika, Varun and Monty arrives and seeing them Akash leaves. Varun tries to talk to him but Akash says he doesn’t have anything to say. He gets a call from his friend who asks him why he has left the interview room, he asks his friend to arrange for another meeting. Varun overhears this.

Rakesh is very angry with Rahul who has once again got into a fight with one of his classmate. Rakesh decides to send him to a boarding school. Rahul gets scared on hearing this.

Deepika is angry with Akash. Jaydev says that he loves Pallavi too much and can do anything for her. Varun agrees with it and shares that he has left his interview midway to save Pallavi. Jaydev lets them know about his plan to bring them together.

Deepika calls Pallavi and informs that Jaydev is ill. She rushes to her house and Aparna joins her. Akash too comes hearing the news. The family makes them enter the room and locks the door so that they can sort things out between them.

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