Aangan – Aapno Kaa: Akash to secretly help Pallavi?

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Sony SAB’s show Aangan-Aapno Kaa is witnesseing an interesting track with Jaydev’s health deteriorates recalling Aparna’s words.

In the previous episode, we saw that Aparna put the gadbandhan of Akash-Pallavi on fire and vowed not to let Pallavi live a happy life with Akash if she doesn’t stop fulfilling her daughter’s responsibility Kusum advised Aparna to remain the same because Pallavi might try to change her heart with her cunning ways. She further added that together, they both could trouble Pallavi. She also suggested that Aparna not let Pallavi perform the girahpravesh ritual, which Aparna refused, saying she has some plans.

Pallavi made a promise to Jaydev that she would fulfil both her daughter and daughter in law responsibilities. Jaydev gave an emotional speech and also recited a poem before Pallavi’s vidaai ceremony, which made Pallavi and everyone emotional. Pallavi left with Akash to his home.

Akash and Pallavi arrived at the former house. Akash expressed his happiness with Pallavi about them finally getting married after all the problems they had faced. Pallavi asked Akash to support her always, which Akash promised to her. Both Akash and Pallavi looked happy.

Aparna and the family members welcomed Akash and Pallavi. Aparna asked Pallavi not to have any contact with Jaydev for the 15 days she stays with them, which shocked Pallavi and other’s. Pallavi questioned Aparna’s weird condition, but Aparna justified it by comparing it with Pallavi’s unusual demand, too. Akash agreed with Aparna’s condition, which made Aparna happy.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness that Pallavi will say that Aparna can hate her now, but she will win her heart. Jaydev will get worried about Pallavi. Aparna will be seen throwing Pallavi out of the house. She will say that she will remove Pallavi from their life.

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