Aangan – Aapno Kaa: Aparna’s demand to stun Akash!

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Sony SAB’s show Aangan-Aapno Kaa is witnesseing an interesting track with Akash taking care of an injured Jaydev while Pallavi impresses the guests with her cooking skill.


In the previous episode, we saw that Monty got worried about seeing Jaydev’s state, but the latter assured him he was fine. Also, he refused to let Monty contact Pallavi. But Monty went against Jaydev’s instructions by calling Pallavi using Jaydev’s number. Akash requested Tanvi to answer the call, and then he left with Aparna. Tanvi got worried when Monty informed her about Jaydev’s state, so she asked Deepika’s help to check upon Jaydev, but Deepika was in a duty so she decided to send Varun.

Jaydev injured himself while he was recalling Aparna’s words. Pallavi was shocked to see the number of calls she has received from both Monty and Jaydev. Also, she learned through Tanvi about Jaydev’s state, so she called Jaydev to inquire about his health. Jaydev assured Pallavi with his lie that he was fine, so the latter didn’t have to worry about him. Pallavi also hid Jaydev about Aparna’s condition to her.

Rekha sent Aparna to Pallavi’s room. Before Aparna could see Pallavi speaking with Jaydev, Akash saved her. Akash then advised Pallavi not to make any mistake, which can upset Aparna more. Pallavi expressed her disappointment towards Aparna’s condition to Akash. Akash convinced Pallavi by deciding to check upon Jaydev. Jaydev struggled to aid his wound while Deepika was shocked seeing Babu Ji’s visit to her house, who expressed his disappointment towards her and Varun.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness that Kusum will accuse Akash of tormenting their reputation while Aparna will put the utensils in the sink to clean it. Akash will try to explain Aparna the situation, but Aparna will ask him to stay with Jaydev after he cleans the utensils. Pallavi will arrive there. She will say to Aparna it’s her who sends Akash to her house. Aparna will warn Pallavi not to interfere in her conversation with Akash, which will shock Akash.

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