Aangan- Aapno Kaa: Jaydev and Aparna to team up !

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Sony Sab’s popular daily soap Aangan-Aapno Kaa is presently focusing on the dynamic of the relationship between Akash and Pallavi. In the previous episodes we saw Pallavi leaves the Awasti house and Jaydev is taking active role to make things better between Akash and Pallavi.

In the current episode, Aparna asks Akash to say sorry and take Pallavi inside the house. She says Pallavi is a very pure hearted woman who has always thought for the best of the family. She is one who has every right to stay at the house and as Akash being the one who has been very rude to Pallavi, should leave the house.

Meanwhile Jaydev takes Akash’s side and says Pallavi should have behaved more maturely and Akash won’t say sorry. In the flashback it is revealed Aparna and Jaydev have teamed up to make them realise how much they love each other.

Both Aparna and Jaydev act to be stubborn. Aparna packs Akash’s bag and asks him to leave the house. Jaydev stops Akash and convinces him to go with him while Pallavi stays with Aparna.

Akash comes to Jaydev’s house. Seeing Pallavi’s stuffs he gets emotional and starts missing her. Pallavi too is missing him at his house remembering all the good times that they have spent together. Jaydev, Tanvi, Kusum all of them plan to arrange a meet up to get Pallavi and Akash closer.

They call her and come to know that she has gone to meet the investors, she tells them that she wants to keep herself busy as staying home alone will make her more emotional. Aparna starts to think about how they can execute the plan of bringing them together.

Will the family be successful in bringing Akash and Pallavi closer? Will Akash realise the toxicity in his behaviour towards Pallavi? All the the questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes, so stay tuned to this page for exclusive updates about your favorite Hindi shows.