Aangan – Aapno Kaa: Will Pallavi learn about Jaydev’s debt?

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Sony SAB’s show Aangan-Aapno Kaa is witnesseing an interesting track where Pallavi will refuse to let Suresh sell the shop to Pappi Mehra.

In the previous episode, we saw that Pallavi realised that Akash was upset. She apologised to him. She advised him to leave the job, saying they could find a job in some other place. Akash got angry with her suggestion, so he shouted at her. Pallavi told him whatever she said was to make him feel better. Akash asked her to spare him with such type of motivation and then leaves from there. Pallavi got sad. Later, she lifted up the mood of Akash.

Deepika gave some advice regarding business to Varun, but Varun rudely tells her that he will handle the business. Deepika got hurt by both Varun and Yadav’s behaviour, so she left the place.

Akash met Pappi Mehra, who put a proposal in front of the Awasti’s. Suresh decided to sell the shop. Pallavi refused to let him sign the papers. Also, she asked Pappi to leave, saying they weren’t interested in selling the shop. Pappi got angry, but he left. Pallavi got happy when Aparna encouraged her to go to Jaydev’s house. Akash, Pallavi, and Aparna share a hug. Aparna gave a hint to Kusum about her plan, which makes the latter happy.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness that Jaydev will be seen hiding in his house silently crying. Pallavi will arrive there. She will see that the door is locked, so she will call Jaydev. Jaydev will say to himself that he made a mistake, but he will not let Pallavi know about it.

So he will give her some excuse in the call and then disconnect the line immediately. Pallavi will say to herself that she feels Jaydev is hiding something from her, but she will find out what it is for sure. Jaydev will look on.

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