Aangan Apno Kaa 12th February 2024 Written Update: Deepika gets questioned by Babu Ji

Aangan Apno Kaa 12th February 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Pallavi wondering what she should do as the guests are waiting for her. She recalls Jaydev’s instructions on what she should do with the spoiled milk. She then starts making the Kheer for the guests, recalling Jaydev’s instructions when she was a kid. Pallavi thanks Jaydev for his timely advice in her mind.


There, Jaydev struggles to aid his wound, but he hears the doorbell, so he goes to open it, thinking it’s Pallavi, but it turns out to be Akash. Akash gets shocked and worried seeing Jaydev’s injured state. He questions him for not informing his state to them. Jaydev assures that he is fine, but Akash takes care of Akash by aiding his wound. Jaydev repeatedly assures that he is fine.

Babu Ji questions Deepika about her uniform. Varum explains to him it’s her uniform. Babu Ji asks Deepika for not inviting him for Pallavi’s wedding. Deepika says Jaydev gave the invitation to Varun. Varun tries to manage the situation, but Babu Ji taunts him for very well trained as a Ghar Jamai. Varun takes Babu Ji to the washroom while Deepika feels nausea smelling Babu Ji’s things. Meanwhile, Akash covers Jaydev with a blanket, saying nowadays the weather condition turned out to be more cool.

In Akash’s house, Rekha meets one of her kitty party members. They both share happiness in meeting each other. Tanvi arrives there. Rekha’s friend learns Tanvi is a housewife, so she compares Tanvi with Pallavi. Also, she insults Tanvi. Tanvi gets upset and sad. The guests discusses whether they can able to have the taste of sweet made by Pallavi as per the ritual.

There, Jaydev gets relieved, thinking that Pallavi gets a good life partner. Akash takes care of Jaydev. Jaydev expresses his happiness that Pallavi is settled with his family members. He also praises women who are mastered at taking care of both family members and also giving their best at the office. He then advises Akash not to never leave Pallavi and also be eachothers supportive system. Akash gets uneasy, recalling Aparna’s condition to Pallavi, so he forces a smile.

Here, the guest starts asking whether Pallavi can able to do her first rasoi properly or not. Kusum criticises Pallavi, saying they have to order dessert from outside, but few guests oppose it. Tanvi gets worried, so she seeks Rekha’s permission to help Pallavi, but Rekha refuses to allow her. Just then, Pallavi arrives there with Kheer made by her, which shocks and surprises both Kusum and Aparna. Pallavi serves the Kheer to Aparna and Kusum, then the guests. They all start praising Pallavi’s cooking skill. Rekha’s friend insults housewives in general, so Pallavi takes a stand for housewives by praising Akash’s family women and Rekha and Tanvi. Kusum asks Sandhya not to fall into the trap of Pallavi, but Sandhya goes against her, which infuriates Kusum. Kusum decides to bring Akash from his room, but Subash sees Pallavi is worried, so he handles Kusum. Pallavi gets relieved. Rinku and Rahul video calls Jaydev. Aparna gets shocked seeing Akash washing the utensils in Jaydev’s house. Pallavi gets confused seeing Aparna’s behaviour.

Precap: Aparna lashes out at Akash, and when Pallavi tries to speak in favour of Akash, Aparna warns her.

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