Aangan Apno Kaa 17th April 2024 Written Update: Pallavi stops Akash from exposing Ravi

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The episode starts with Deepika insisting that Jaydev go with her for a walk as per the doctor’s advice. Jaydev agrees. He gets disturbed, recalling whatever happened after he comes out of his house. Varun arrives there. He inquires with Jaydev about his health condition. Jaydev assures him that he is fine. Varun has a conversation with Deepika. Meanwhile, one of the kids splashes dirt water on Jaydev’s face. The kid also warns Jaydev, which both Varun and Deepika fail to notice. Jaydev gives them an excuse, and then he goes inside.

There, Janhvi deliberately falls on Rakesh, who scolds her. So Janhvi puts up an act in front of him. She also urges Rakesh to speak with her as no one is in the house. Rakesh gets a call, so he leaves the place saying that he has no interest in staying with her. Janhvi gets furious. The next day, Pallavi wonders who is helping Ravi also if it is Sandhya or not. She decides to check upon the footwear lace. Kusum walks past her wearing the footwear, which Pallavi fails to notice it.

Subash vent out his frustration with his family about the situation they are in. Suresh also shares the lawyers’ information about Pappi Mehra. Akash, who hears their conversation, gets upset. Aparna assigns some work to Pallavi, so she goes inside. Just then, Ravi arrives there. He puts up an act in front of his family, encouraging them to fight against Pappi Mehra, who cheated them. Pallavi arrives there. Akash loses his cool seeing the pretentious act of Ravi. So he questions Ravi about his reaction after he finds the real culprit. Ravi pretends to be angry, saying that he won’t spare the person. Akash asks Ravi whom he is suspecting. Ravi says he has no idea. Akash says that he is sure the one who deceived both Suresh and Subash isn’t an outsider. He then says that the one behind this is going to be the beneficial one. He further states that except Ravi, no one in the family is desperate to sell their shop as they are in the financial crisis. Ravi gets offended, so he expresses it to Akash. Pallavi, who sees this from a distance, gets upset Akash’s actions. She hopes that Akash doesn’t create more problems with his angry confrontation.

Here, Rahul questions Rakesh and makes Tanvi feel uneasy. She gives him an excuse, and then she sends him with Monty to the school. She faces Jaydev’s question too about Rakesh, but she lies to him. She then asks Jaydev to give the water bottle to Rahul. Jaydev gets stuck before the gate of his house instead of going outside, which Tanvi notices. Tanvi shares with Deepika about Jaydev’s weird behaviour, but Deepika assures her that Jaydev is fine. Tanvi decides to speak with Pallavi.

Here, Kusum and the entire family get upset with Akash’s behaviour towards Ravi. Kusum takes Ravi from there. Pallavi takes Akash aside and tells him that they need proof to prove that Ravi is guilty. Later, Pallavi realises it’s not Sandhya who helped Ravi.

The episode ends with Pallavi deciding to collect proofs against Kusum.

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