Aangan Apno Kaa 1st June 2024 Written Update: Pallavi saves Rahul from child trafficking gang

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The episode starts with Pallavi trying to open the washroom ventilation. Akash is holding her. Shower turns to on. They are wet under the shower. They shares an eye lock. She managed to close it. Akash brings a ladder there. She scolds him for not bring it before. He helps her to get out of the washroom through the window. She recalls their moments. Meanwhile, family members returns to home. Jaya Dev searching for Rahul. Pallavi asks Tanu what happened? She tells her that Rahul is missing. He left the house. Pallavi consoles her. Tanu worries about Rahul. Deepika consoles her. Pallavi asks her to drink water. Rakesh gets a phone call from the police station. He asks him if they find out any information about Rahul. The constable informs him that they saw Rahul in a traffic signal. But the child trafficking gang is active in that signal. Rakesh informs the family members about it. They rushes out of the house. Deepika is adamant to accompany them. Varun asks her to take a rest.

Rahul tries to buy an ice cream. The shop owner asks him if he came alone? Where is his parents? If he has money to buy an ice cream. Rahul recalls the way his father advised him not to buy an ice cream from the strangers. They will try to kidnap him. He runs from there. A beggar notices him. He thought to kidnap him before he run from there. Akash and family members reached to the market. He says that it’s an big market. Let’s splits into different directions and search for him. They are searching for him. Akash noticed Rahul but he didn’t noticed him. Child trafficking group surrounded Rahul. An old lady pretends like asking address to Rahul. He says that he don’t know. She makes him faint there. They abducted him. Jaya Dev learns that Rahul was there few minutes before. Pallavi noticed the gang abducting Rahul. Pallavi fights with the gang. The goon is trying to attack Pallavi. Akash comes there and fights with them. The police arrived there and arrested the goons.

Rahul gained his consciousness. He pushed Pallavi and runs for n there. He is about to meet with an accident. Pallavi risked her life to save him. Later, Akash is heartbroken seeing Pallavi’s condition. He leaves from the room. Aparna asks him doesn’t he love her a lot? He says that he can’t see her in that state. His mom says that he loves her a lot. She is also loving him. They are not understanding the love for each other because of their ego. He feels guilty. Later, Pallavi gained her consciousness. Jaya Dev asks her to take a rest. She asks them if Akash alright? He assures her that he is alright. He asks her to stop fighting with him. Pallavi says that she didn’t started anything. He wanted to stay far from her. She won’t apologize to him. He has to apologise to her. Later, Tanu asks Rahul if he is still anger on her? He denied it. He says that he don’t want to go to boarding. She promised to him that she won’t send him to boarding. Jayadev advises to Pallavi. He makes her understand the importance of relationship. He gives a reality check to her. She thought to talk with Akash.

Episode end

Precap; Akash got a job in America

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