Aangan Apno Kaa 22nd March 2024 Written Update: Pallavi suspects Jaydev’s impolite behaviour

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The episode starts with Pallavi getting shocked to see the empty refrigerator so Pallavi calls him. Jaydev and Akash arrive there. Jaydev tells her that he doesn’t have any time, so he didn’t buy anything for home. Pallavi asks him if he didn’t cook their favourite food. Jaydev asks her to have outside food, for which Akash agrees, but Pallavi gets hurt. Jaydev hides his emotions and then leaves the place. Akash reminds Pallavi about the purpose of their stay. They decide to order food outside.

Pallavi asks Jaydev if he is fine. Jaydev rudely answers her. He also questions her for questioning him. Akash decides to put their things inside the room, for which he asks Jaydev’s permission. Jaydev rudely behaves with him, too shocking both Akash and Pallavi. They both go inside. Jaydev gets hurt and upset with himself for treating both Akash and Pallavi in such a way.

There, Yadav interacts with Deepika’s friends. They get uncomfortable with Yadav’s behaviour. Deepika arrives there. She sends Yadav inside, and then she talks to her friends. Her friends question her about her looks. Also, they question her for leaving the job, which is her passion. Deepika gets shocked and uncomfortable with their questions.

Pallavi and Akash enter the room. They get shocked seeing the room turn out to be Jaydev’s study room, which leads Pallavi to question him. Jaydev again rudely answers to her. He also tells her that her room is in Awasti’s house. Pallavi and Akash get taken aback by Jaydev’s behaviour. Pallavi decides to stay in the store room, which Akash agrees. Jaydev recalls the promise he made to Aparna. So he tells Akash and Pallavi to stay in the store room as long as they want. He then thinks in his mind that he should do something so that he can able to make Akash and Pallavi return to Awasti’s house.

In Awasti’s house, Kusum speaks with a young couple about renting Akash-Pallavi’s room by showing them. Aparna arrives there. She questions Kusum. Kusum tells her about her plan to rent the room for 15 days to take care of the house expenses. Aparna gets upset and angry. She politely asks Kusum to send the couple away and also not to rent the room, but Kusum refuses. Also, she justifies her act. Aparna sends the couple out. She then tells Aparna that Akash will return to home within 24 hours. Kusum tells her that Pallavi is smarter than her. Aparna tells her it’s not always one person who should win always. She then looks on with determination.

Here, Pallavi tells Akash that she is sure Jaydev is deliberately behaving impolite with them, but she feels he is going to surprise them. Just then, they hear the dhol sound so Pallavi gets happy and hopeful and goes out. Both Akash and Pallavi get surprised seeing Monty, Rakesh, and Varun there dancing to Jaydev’s dhol play. Jaydev announces his decision to conduct Akash’s muh dikhayi, which shocks Akash and Pallavi. Rakesh, Varun, and Monty take Akash inside to get him ready while Pallavi confronts Jaydev’s act. Jaydev argues with her to justify his act. He then hopes that Pallavi will leave after Akash’s muh dikhayi takes place. He goes inside and shares his agony with Aastha’s photo. Pallavi calls him out. Jaydev hopes that Pallavi decides to return to the Awasti’s.

Precap: Jaydev gets taken aback when Pallavi and others happily be part of Akash’s muh dikhayi. At night, Jaydev assures Aparna that Akash will return home soon. Pallavi learns about Jaydev’s loan, so she questions him. Jaydev stares at her.

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