Aangan Apno Kaa 25th January 2024 Written Update: Pallavi faces trouble entering the hotel

Aangan Apno Kaa 25th January 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the NRI couple arguing with each other. The man’s phone starts ringing, which one of the terrorist hear it. He wonders how it’s possible as they took the phone from everyone. Everyone gets worried, too. Akash alerts the people to remain silent. Meanwhile, the terrorist approaches Akash and others from the other side.

Outside the hotel, Delhi police arrive there. The head police make a request to the terrorist not to do anything harm to the people inside the hotel as they are ready to fulfil their demand. Pallavi decides to enter the hotel using the back door. Here, one of the terrorist ask everyone to assemble as their boss is calling them, so the one who is approaching towards Akash and other’s leaves the place.

Akash scolds the man who is having a phone. He then informs everyone to silently follow him to escape from the terrorists captive. He also firmly states that first, they should let the kids go outside then women. Everyone follows him. Meanwhile, Pallavi walks on the wall to enter the hotel. She faces difficulty, but she doesn’t give up on it. Jaydev realises Pallavi is missing, so he searches for her everywhere.

Akash tries to send one by one, but the terrorists surround him and the people with him except Varun and an elderly woman. Here, Pallavi enters the corridor of the hotel, which Jaydev sees it so Jaydev rushes to the cops and he tries to alert them about Pallavi, but he fails. The head terrorist tries to harm Akash , and Pallavi sees it through a window, so she throws a stone at the glass window, which breaks into pieces. The terrorists get alert. One of them goes towards where Pallavi is hiding. Meanwhile, Jaydev snatches the speaker from one of the cop. He makes an announcement that it’s him who broke the window, so the terrorist who is going towards Pallavi gets distracted. The head police scold Jaydev for putting everyone’s life at risk.

One of the terrorist shares his suspicion with his head about someone having a phone. Akash refuses to reveal who it is to the terrorist so the terrorist take a few people with them. Akash scolds the narrow-minded man. Here, Varun and Sardar Ji’s wife comes out. Everyone inquires to them about their family members’ well-being. Varun informs as of now, everyone is safe, and Akash is there with them. Rekha slaps Tanvi by accusing her of putting Rahul’s life at risk. Tanvi cries hard.

The terrorist leaves Akash and a few other people in the corridor to speak with the Delhi police. Akash gets shocked seeing that Pallavi entered the hotel. He recalls their love confession and whatever happened. Meanwhile, the head terrorist announces their demand and also gives an ultimatum to the police.

Here, Deepika pleads with Akash to find a way so that they can escape. Akash realises another secret passage to escape from the hotel, so he instructs everyone to follow him silently. He finds Justin, so he instructs Ruchi to be with him until they escape. Meanwhile, Pallavi video is called Jaydev, and she shows everything that is related to the terrorist which Jaydev shows it to the ACP. Inside, Akash decides to save Pallavi, too.

Precap: Jaydev gets worried realising Pallavi’s life is at risk. Tanvi decides to go inside, but Rekha opposes by insulting her. Tanvi shuts her up.

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