Aangan Apno Kaa 25th March 2024 Written Update: Tanvi learns about Akash-Pallavi’s job situation

Aangan Apno Kaa 25th March 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Pallavi getting advice from her late mother to have faith in Jaydev, though the latter’s strange behaviour might confuse her. Pallavi gets emotional. There, Rekha’s friends leave the house after spending time with her, but Kusum stays there to decide to execute her plan. Kusum calls out Tanvi by making up an excuse. She then tells Rekha about Pallavi and Akash’s job state, which Tanvi hears it, and she wonders why Pallavi didn’t hear it. Kusum gets happy that her conspiracy will help her create a misunderstanding between Akash and Pallavi.

The next day, both Jaydev and Pallavi come face to face while they’re about to enter the house, so they both make faces at each other. Then, they resume their kitchen work. Pallavi tells Jaydev that she won’t ask him any questions because she is a guest. She then decides to take Jaydev’s permission to conduct a party for Deepika’s pregnancy. Jaydev approves. But he gives strict instructions to her. He also asks her to leave after the party. Pallavi ignores him, and then she leaves the kitchen. Jaydev tells himself how he is going to make her understand that whatever he is doing is for her well-being.

Pallavi mocks at Jaydev. She also complains to Jaydev about his behaviour. Tanvi arrives there. She teases them both for fighting with each other. Pallavi mocks Jaydev. Jaydev also calls her a guest. Akash arrives there. He informs Tanvi that he is bored of Jaydev and Pallavi’s fight. Tanvi smiles. Pallavi inquires with Monty about the invitation of Deepika’s party. Just then, Jaydev arrives there, so he leaves from there. Pallavi wonders whether Tanvi is aware of Jaydev’s loan. She decides to ask her about it.

Here, Aparna reminds Jaydev about his promise to her. Also, Akash hasn’t returned home yet. Jaydev tells her that he is trying, but nothing is working in their favour. Aparna shares her disappointment towards him. Jaydev tells her that he is helpless, but he will try his level best to send Akash and Pallavi back to their house.

Pallavi and Tanvi get into a dilemma whether they should ask the other person about the information they learned it. But they get distracted with the party arrangements. Pallavi goes to Tanvi to inquire about Jaydev’s loan, but Tanvi asks her about Akash’s job inquiry. Pallavi gets shocked, so she questions her how she knows. Tanvi informed her that Kusum shared this with Rekha. Pallavi wonders how Kusum learned. She then requests Tanvi not to inform anyone about it. Just then, Akash arrives there. He gets upset with Pallavi for not keeping their secret as a secret. So he rudely behaves with Pallavi, which confuses the latter.

The Awasti’s arrives at Jaydev’s house for the party. Both Aparna and Kusum indirectly taunts Pallavi for changing the traditions with her new perspective. Pallavi gets uncomfortable, but she explains to them that her thought is to keep everyone happy. Aparna senses Akash is upset, so she inquires him the reason. Akash makes up an excuse, which Aparna refuses to believe, so she takes him inside.

Here, Rakesh tries to get romantic with Tanvi, but Rahul disturbs them, so Tanvi leaves. Rakesh hopes that his life will become normal before Janhvi’s entry. Meanwhile, Jaydev meets Pappi outside his house. The latter convinces him to sign the power of attorney. He then decides to trap Jaydev and Pallavi later. Pallavi arrives there. She fails to see Pappi’s face, but she demands Jaydev about the sign he put it on paper, but Jaydev shouts at her to stay in her limits.

Precap: Varun shouts at Deepika when the latter asks him to return the diamond ring, which he gifted. Pallavi learns Jaydev took a loan for Varun, so she questions Deepika. Deepika shouts at her shocking Pallavi.

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