Aangan Apno Kaa 26th January 2024 Written Update: Deepika saves Rahul from the terrorist

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The episode starts with Jaydev showing the video call of Pallavi. ACP sees everything. He then gives instructions to his subordinates. He also thanks Jaydev for giving this world a brave daughter. Jaydev asks ACP about their decision related to the terrorists demands. ACP requests Jaydev to have faith in him and his team. He then leaves.


Inside the hotel, an NRI man complains about his state. Sardar Ji reminds him about the blunder he made because of which they all get caught. Also, he lashes out at him. The guy becomes speechless. Meanwhile, Pallavi senses someone around her, so she hides herself from that person. Akash arrives there. Both Akash and Pallavi fail to see each other. Akash leaves the place.

Here, everyone in the conference room hears someone is arriving there, so they all go and hide themselves. One of the terrorist arrives there. Rahul fears seeing him, so he tries to leave, not listening to Deepika. The terrorist catch Rahul. Deepika gets worried. She recalls Varun’s words about her inability to take care of a child as a mother. She furiously attacks the terrorist and then she saves Rahul from him.

The head terrorist makes an announcement of his decision to kill someone so that the police will understand the seriousness of their demand. ACP tries to speak with the terrorists while everyone outside looks worried. Deepika attacks another terrorist. She tries to snatch the rifle from him, but the bullet gets fired. Rahul shouts Maasi. Everyone outside looks worried.

Here, Aparna gains consciousness. She gets worried learning that Akash is still in danger, so she grows anxious. Kusum tries to contact her family members. Rinku assures Aparna that God can help them save Akash. Aparna gets shocked to see the news.

One of the terrorist brings a lifeless body of a woman outside. Jaydev, Varun, and the family members get shocked thinking it’s Deepika. They all cries hard. Meanwhile, inside the hotel, Deepika is seen alive. It reveals the terrorist shot some other lady. Deepika and Rahul leave the place without the terrorists knowledge. Outside the hotel the Sharma’s gets relieved, realising the girl isn’t Deepika.

Pallavi in the hotel kitchen heaten up oil and put chilli powder in it. Terrorists who arrive there suffer from the smoke, so they leave. Akash arrives there. He gets relieved seeing Pallavi. Pallavi hugs Akash. She also tells him that she can’t live without him. Akash gets emotional. They both then hear a footstep, so they decide to hide themselves.

ACP gets a call from his superior, who scolds him for whatever is happening. Meanwhile, Suresh informs Aparna not to come to the hotel because her health is deteriorating. Inside the hotel One of the terrorist gets injured by a bullet, so the head terrorist demands a first aid kit from the police after ACP informs them the government has agreed to their demand. One of the officers decides to go inside to give the first aid kit, but the head terrorist refuses to the police idea. He also chooses Tanvi, which shocks Jaydev and Rakesh. Jaydev shouts, saying that he won’t allow Tanvi to go inside.

Precap: Deepika fights with the terrorist to save Rahul. ACP feels Pallavi also get caught. That’s why the call gets disconnected. Tanvi agrees to go inside the hotel, but Rekha requests ACP not to send Tanvi.

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