Aangan Apno Kaa 27th January 2024 Written Update: Tanvi makes a request to the terrorist

Aangan Apno Kaa 27th January 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the head terrorist demanding the Delhi police to send Tanvi inside with a medical kit, which shocks both Jaydev and Rekha. Jaydev refuses to send Tanvi inside. Meanwhile, a lady terrorist tries to shoot both Akash and Pallavi, but they both escape from there. Pallavi drops her phone , and the lady terrorist takes it in her hand, and she learns through the phone about the video call, which she informs it to the her head, who gets furious. ACP feels helpless.


Jaydev requests ACP to send him in place of Tanvi. Meanwhile, Akash and Pallavi get caught by the terrorists. The head terrorists give an ultimatum to ACP to send Tanvi immediately. Rekha insults Tanvi in front of ACP, stating Tanvi is a useless person. Rakesh scolds her. Both Jaydev and Rakesh request Tanvi not to think about going inside. Tanvi imagines Rahul getting shot. She then informs the ACP about her decision to go inside, shocking everyone. Rekha insults her. Tanvi shuts her up by giving a befitting reply. She then asks ACP to tell her what she has to do. ACP looks on. Inside, the terrorists threaten Akash, Pallavi, and others about the consequences.

Later, Tanvi goes inside the hotel with the medical kit. ACP requests the terrorists not to harm the people inside as their demands are getting fulfilled. A lady terrorist takes Tanvi inside with her. Tanvi pleads her to let her meet her son once. The lady terrorist tells Tanvi that she realises her mistakes and that she agrees to help Tanvi to get escape. Tanvi gets hopeful. But she gets shocked when the lady terrorist mocks her for getting fooled by her act. She then tries to snatch the nuptial chain from her, but Tanvi warns her, which leads the terrorist to choke her.

ACP informs the terrorists that their flight has arrived, so he requests them not to harm anyone. The head terrorist orders his subordinates to kill Akash and Pallavi. Akash and Pallavi try to protect each other when the terrorists points gun at them. Meanwhile, Aparna gets into an auto to reach the hotel, but the auto driver tries to loot her jewellery. Kusum arrives there. She attacks the auto driver to save Aparna from him. She then takes Aparna with her.

Meanwhile, Pallavi gets injured after the terrorist shoots her. Akash gets shocked and furious. So he starts attacking the terrorists. There, Deepika locks herself and Rahul inside a washroom. Jaydev gets worried about his daughter’s safety, but Varun and Rakesh encourage him not to lose hope. Varun blames himself for everything that’s happening. They all chant God’s name to rescue their family members.

Here, Ruchi wonders the reason behind Akash not being returned to them yet. The people with her decide to fight with the terrorists till their last breath. Meanwhile, Akash brutally attacks one of the terrorist. Pallavi notices another terrorist is trying to attack Akash, so she fights with him. On the other side, Ruchi and the people attack terrorists too. Deepika attacks the terrorist and she tries to run away from there, but she falls to the ground. The terrorist catch Rahul, which shocks Deepika.

Precap: One of the terrorist takes Tanvi inside with the medical kit. Tanvi recalls ACPs instructions, and then she dropped the suitcase, which has a smoke bomb in it.

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