Aangan Apno Kaa 31st May 2024 Written Update: Rahul gets missing that makes everyone worried

Aangan Apno Kaa 31st May 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Pallavi and Akash getting locked in the room by their family members. They knock very hard but the family has put lock in each and every window so that they can’t come out of the room. Aparna leaves so that she can make preparations to welcome them the next day in her house and Deepika takes Jaydev with him so that no one can help them to come out of the room. Using her hairpin Pallavi tries to open the door and Aakash sees her in bewitchment. Akash too tries to open the door but fails. They get into friendly banter. Later they realise that it has all been planned by the family members.

Tanvi calls Jaydev. She is very happy with the plan. He asks to take Rahul with her when she comes to his place. Tanvi prepares food for Rahul and comes to his room but can’t find him. She gets a note in which Rahul has written that he doesn’t want to go to the boarding school and left the house. Rakesh and Tanvi try to find him. They search everywhere but unable to find him.

Jaydev is staying at Deepika’s house. They are happy and relieved. Jaydev is about to make coffee from everyone when he gets a call from Tanvi who lets him know that Rahul is missing. This makes them panic stricken. Jaydev, Deepika and Varun come to Tanvi’s house hurriedly where they get to know about the whole situation. They decide to inform the police. They come to the police station and report the incident to the police. They come to know about a gang that is active now and kidnapping children in the city. This information makes everyone worried. The police officer assures them that they will try their best to find Rahul as soon as possible. The police officer circulates his photo everywhere. Jaydev comes back to the house hoping Rahul might come to his house. Meanwhile, Rahul is seen roaming around the city. He is hungry and wants to have some ice cream.

Akash and Pallavi is seen coming together while trying to escape from the room. Pallavi has got a plan, Akash decides to help her. They go to the washroom and tries to open the window. Akash gives support to Pallavi while she climbes to open it. She is scared and Akash gives her confidence and asks her to trust him that he will not let Pallavi fall.

Episode ends.

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