Aangan Apno Kaa 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Pallavi feels heartbroken

Aangan Apno Kaa 3rd June 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Akash saying to everyone that he would like to share a good news with them. Aparna asks him what’s the matter? Akash says that he got a job in US. He is going there leaving the past behind. Pallavi thinks that she can’t go there leaving her responsibility here. His brother congratulated him. Aparna says that he took the decision without thinking about anything. Pallavi is here. How could he leaves her alone. His father says that she is right. Akash says that he took this decision after he thought a lot. They were complaining about him when he didn’t get a job. Now he got the job but they are not appreciating him. Pallavi claps and says that he got a job. They have to congratulates him instead of complaining. Let’s celebrate it. Akash apologized to Deepika and Varun for being rude with them. He says that he was rude with them that is why he is apologizing to them in front of everyone. Pallavi thinks that he didn’t apologized to her. He hurted her heart too.

Akash cuts the cake. He tried to feed the cake to Pallavi but she leaves from there. Later, Akash recalls Pallavi’s words. He thinks that he is expecting her to open up her feelings with her. Later, Pallavi imitates Akash in front of her sister’s. She complaints that he apologized to Varun and Deepika. She is his wife. She doesn’t have any value in his life. He hurted her but didn’t apologized to her. Deepika tried to convince her. She asks her not to cry. Tanu says that she can’t see her crying like this. Pallavi says that she thought to clear the misunderstanding between them. She came out to talk with him. He ruined everything. Deepika says that it’s not a big deal to stay in US. They can contact through phone. Tanu asks her stop him at the airport. It will be romantic. Pallavi asks her why should she stop him. If he decided to go there then why should she stop him.

Pallavi says that he didn’t discuss with her about this job. He didn’t ask her whether she likes to go with him or not. She don’t have value in his life. Deepika says that she agrees with her. Pallavi says that he was trying leave far from her when they were locked in the room. She got a job offer from Mumbai. She rejected that offer because her responsibility is here. Its his decision whether to stay here or leave. Jaya Dev asks Aparna what’s going on here. We are trying to unite Akash and Pallavi. But he decided to leave to US. Aparna says that she will talk with him about it. Aparna asks Akash why did he decided to work in US. If he decided to take Pallavi along with him. Akash says that the truth is he isn’t going anywhere. He is pretending to go to US because he wanted to see Pallavi stop him. Aparna tried to inform Jaya Dev about. Akash says that he wanted to solve this issue by themselves. Later, Pallavi and Akash missed each other. Aparna calls Pallavi. She says that she has only one son. She can’t live without him. Pallavi says that she is here for her. Aparna says that people will badmouth on them. Pallavi asks her to stop him. Aparna says that only she can stop him. She can’t live without him. She laughs after disconnects the call.

Episode end

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