Aangan Apno Kaa 4th June 2024 Written Update: Aparna advises to Akash

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The episode starts with Pallavi missing Akash. She couldn’t sleep well. She thinks that he is loving her. If he loves her little then don’t leave her. The next day, Pallavi reaches to her in law’s house. Akash says to her that she came at a right time. He packed his things. He asks her to help him find his things. He says that he got his tickets. He will leave from here within two days. Aparna comes there and asks her if she talked with him? Pallavi says that he is so excited to leave. He even booked the flight tickets. Aparna says that he can cancel the flight tickets. She loves him so stop him. Akash asks her to help him in his packing. She says that he won’t stop. Aparna thinks that she has to keep quiet because of his drama. Pallavi is helping Akash to pack his things. She loses his balance but Akash holds her. She asks him not to leave her in her heart. He thinks that if she say to him that she would like to live with him then he won’t leave. She gives his sweater to him. She notices his passport and places it in the bag. He is searching for his sweater. She collides with him while packing. They shared an eye lock. She scolds him for being careless.

Akash and Pallavi gets close while packing the bag. They shares an eye lock. She gets a phone call from Monty. She excuses him. Later, Pallabi meets Monty. He informs her that this order is taken. But we don’t have anyone to deliver it. She asks him to take someone help. Akash says that he will help her. She refuses to take his help. He says that it’s a small problem in her business. It’s normal thing. Why she is taking it seriously. Pallavi says that she is fed up. She don’t need his help. He says that he will help her. She says that he is here to help her today. What will he do another day. He will be in US. She asks him to concentrate on his life. She asks him to stay far away from it all. Later, Aparna asks Akash why he is continuing his drama? He is ruining everything with his drama. She advises him to talk with her straightly.

Akash complaints that she doesn’t want to stop him. She is move on in her life. She learnt to live without him. Aparna says that he is wasting his time. Meanwhile, Monty asks Pallavi if she thinking this cloud kitchen game work out. She says that it will definitely work out. She says that Akash’s passport is expired. He is acting like going to US. He thinks that only he know to play the game. She will play his game. He is expecting her to stop him. She wanted to see what’s he going to do next. Later, Akash meets Monty and offers the help to him. He denied it reasoning Pallavi going to close it. She is planning to go to London. He said that cloud kitchen facing lose. Akash leaves from there. Pallavi appreciates Monty’s acting. She is excited to see his reaction. Akash thinks that she didn’t inform him about it. How could she decided to leave him. Later, Akash meets Jayadev and talks with him about it. Jaya Dev complaints that they are not talking about it straightly. He says that she won’t leave if he talk with her. She didn’t inform him anything. Jayadev says that even he didn’t inform her anything. He can’t stop her. She is hurting. Jaya Dev noticed that he is heartbroken. Jaya Dev advises Pallavi to stop this drama. Aparna advises to Akash. Pallavi refuses to listen to Jayadev. Aparna asks Akash to leave his ego. He never tried to help Pallavi in her business. Akash says that he can correct everything in her business.

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