Aangan Apno Kaa 5th June 2024 Written Update: Pallavi and Akash’s reunion

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The episode starts with Akash saying to Deepika and her husband that he wanted to discuss something important to them. He asks Arjun to help Pallavi in her cloud kitchen. She is facing lose in her business. He would like to help her. He is doing it for Pallavi. Its Pallavi’s dream project. He did many mistakes but he likes to support her. She always supported him and his family. He couldn’t support her. He likes to correct everything now. Deepika asks him why he is helping her now? Her husband says that he came to ask help from them. Let’s help him to arrange the investors. Akash says that she is going to London tomorrow so it’s better to arrange the investors today itself. He thanked her. Deepika says that she likes to see him, trying to help her. Akash says that she should have slapped him and make him understand the problem. He says that she is going to London. Deepika says that she isn’t going anywhere. They are complicating the things. Life is very easy. He gets happy to hear it. He requests her to hide it from Pallavi. She assures him that she won’t inform her.

The next day, Akash and Pallavi gets ready to leave. She thinks that she wants to see how much he will act. She is his wife so she know to act as well. Akash thinks that he likes to see when will she stop him. They takes blessings from their parents. They gets inside the car. Jayadev says to Aparna what’s going on here? They loved each other. Though their ego is stopping them from confessing their love for each other. This is a weird generation. Later, Akash and Pallavi are staring each other. They are not talking at all. Akash noticed that Pallavi’s car is missing. Pallavi thinks that he left her already. He thinks that he has to stop her first. Akash asks the driver to take a u turn. Both get out of the car. They started fight with each other on the road. She complaints that he started this drama. He blames her back. They are blaming each other for not confessing their love. Akash admits that he loves her. That is why he planned it all.

Akash complaints that she started her drama when he try to confess her. Pallavi complaints that he started his US drama when she try to talk with him. He confessed his love to her. She tears his ears. He confessed his love to her louder. They hugs each other. They returns to home. Aparna stops them. She says that two fools returned to home. Pallavi says to her that he can’t live without her. He nodded to her. Jaya Dev advises to them. He says that they love each other but they don’t have enough maturity at all. They are giving importance to their ego then love. He says that there is a chance to fight again. They have to adjust with each other. Pallavi apologized to Akash. They leaves from there. Akash gets close with her. Later, Akash and Pallavi are spending romantic time with each other. He promised to her that he won’t separate from her again. He won’t hide anything from her. He will give importance to her. Pallavi assures him to discuss everything with him first. They spends a romantic time.

Episode end

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