Aangan Apno Kaa 6th June 2024 Written Update: Jaya Dev falls sick

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The episode starts with Jaya Dev feelings dizzy. He collapsed on the floor. Monty comes there and pressed the calling bell. He noticed Jaya Dev collapsed on the floor through the window. He rushes to help him. He tries to wake him up. He helps him to get up. Monty brings water for him. Jaya Dev thinks what happened to him. Monty tells him that Pallavi asked him to give the dinner to him. He is pretty late. Jaya Dev says that he forgot to take the BP tablets. He thinks that he collapsed because of it. Monty says that he will inform Pallavi about it. He says that she united with Akash after lots of struggle. He forgot to take the medicine then why he is informing her. He takes the medicine and takes a rest. Meanwhile, Tanvi and Rakesh are packing Rahul’s things. Rahul says that they are going somewhere again. He can’t stay in this house or Nana’s house. Rakesh says that he might stay here alone. He denied it.

Tanvi says that they are going for a vacation. He will take him to his favourite place. Rahul gets happy and thanked his parents. She says that it’s his dad surprise. Meanwhile, Akash romancing with Pallavi in the kitchen. She tells him that someone will notice them. He assures her that no one will come. His bhabhi comes there and interrupt their romance. Akash blabbers to her to escape from that awkward situation. Pallavi sends him from there. He kissed on her cheek. Later, Jaya Dev doing jogging with his friend. He says to him that his daughters were settled. His friend noticed that he is sweating badly. He says that it’s because of the hot temperature. He feels pain in his heart and collapsed on the floor. Later, Pallavi gives breakfast to Aparna. Her grandson calls her to play football. She asks him to drink the milk first then she will play football with him. He nodded to her. Aparna spilled the hot milk on her hand mistakenly. Pallavi takes her to the clinic.

The doctor is giving treatment to Jaya Dev. Monty trying to contact Pallavi. He couldn’t contact her. He calls Varun in tension. He informs him everything about Jaya Dev. He warns him not to inform Deepu about it. She isn’t well. The doctor informs him that Jaya Dev got heart attack. Meanwhile, the doctor gives the first aid to Aparna. She asks Pallavi to take a good care on her. Deepika rushes to the hospital. Pallavi brings Aparna back to home. She says that she will inform Akash about it. Pallavi noticed the so many missed calls from Varun and Monty. He informs her that Jaya Dev got heart attack. Sandhya asks her what happened? She informs her that dad gets heart attack. She rushes to the hospital. Monty stops Pallavi from enter into the ICU. Akash asks her to let them do their work. She is adamant to meet her dad. She blames herself for his state. Akash consoles her. The doctor gives the detailed report of him. Deepika comes there. She shares her grief with him. Pallavi worried about her father. She decided to stay with her dad till he gets well.

Episode end

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