Aangan Apno Kaa 7th February 2024 Written Update: Pallavi and Akash get married

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The episode starts with Akash telling his community about his and Pallavi’s plan after marriage. He further thanks Pallavi for giving him such confidence to disclose this truth. He then hopes that his marriage life will look like his parent’s married life. He also says his parent’s life is an inspiration for him. He praises their life and doesn’t have no insecurities. He thanked Aparna and Suresh to support him always. Everyone applauds and praises Akash for his decision.

Aparna recalls her conversation with Akash. Also, Akash decides to disclose the truth to everyone. She gets upset and also feels Pallavi has done a wrong thing by making Akash go against her wish. Jaydev notices Aparna is upset, so he approaches her, but Aparna leaves the place. Jaydev gets worried.

Aparna hears the criticism of the guests about Akash’s decision and also about his family members. Aparna gets upset. Kusum provokes Aparna against Pallavi. Meanwhile, Akash and Pallavi start performing the marriage ritual one by one. Everyone looks happy. The priest asks Jaydev to perform the Kanyadan for Pallavi. Jaydev obliges. He performs the ritual. Here, Kusum fills Aparna’s ears against Pallavi and her family, saying the latter lost her son. Aparna becomes worried.

The priest calls Jaydev lucky for getting three chances in his lifetime to perform Kanyadan. He then instructs Jaydev to perform the ritual, and then he announces Pallavi’s responsibilities and rights, which Jaydev has taken care of here after Akash will do it. Jaydev gets emotional. Pallavi tells the priest that nothing such will happen. Meanwhile, Kusum advises Aparna not to have any hope that Akash will return to their house after the said 15 days, so it’s better here after she starts considering Ravi as her son. The priest instructs Akash and Pallavi to take pheras around holy fire. They both obliges and they start taking the pheras. Aparna imagines Pallavi ordering Akash to listen to her and also choose her and her family over his. Akash obliges. Aparna, in her imagination, asks Akash to stop listening to Pallavi’s words. She realises it’s her imagination. Kusum again provokes Aparna against Pallavi.

The priest gives instructions to Akash and Pallavi about the next ritual. Akash fills Pallavi’s hairline with vermilion. He also makes her wear a nuptial chain. Everyone looks happy except Aparna. Jaydev misses Aastha’s presence at the wedding. Aparna leaves the place. Kusum follows her. She inquires with Aparna about her behaviour. Aparna shares with Kusum that Pallavi snatched Akash from her, which she can’t able to believe it. She then hears the priest calling her, so she leaves. Kusum gets happy that her plan worked out.

The priest asks Aparna and Suresh to bless the couple. Aparna hesitates but blesses them. Suresh blesses them, too. Jaydev then blesses Akash and Pallavi, asking them to be each other’s support system. The priest asks Aparna to protect the gadhbandhan of Akash-Pallavi. Aparna takes it with her to her house. She informs her family that she is going to prepare for Pallavi’s welcome. Kusum follows her despite Aparna asking her not to.

Jaydev requests Aparna to become a mother for Pallavi, but Aparna asks him not to have such expectations. Later, Jaydev advises Pallavi about the importance of adjusting with her in law’s which strengthens the bond. Meanwhile, Aparna burns the gadhbandhan of Akash-Pallavi, and she tells Kusum that she won’t let Pallavi stay with Akash in this lifetime. Kusum gets happy.

Precap: Pallavi makes a promise to Jaydev about her decision to fulfill her responsibilities as a daughter and daughter in law while Aparna says that Pallavi has to choose either her daughter in law responsibilities or she has to go back to her house.

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