Aangan Apno Kaa 7th June 2024 Written Update: Jaya Dev recovers

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The episode starts with Pallavi saying to everyone that Jaya Dev gained his consciousness. He asks her how she is? She complaints that he is sick but he is asking about her health. The doctor says that he is still weak. He needs proper rest or else he will get heart attack again. They are shocked to hear it. Akash asks Pallavi not to get anxious. We can take a proper care on him. Nothing will happen to him. Later, Jaya Dev returns to home. Pallavi asks her father not to talk much. He needs a rest. Varun takes Deepika to her check-up. Jaya Dev asks Pallavi to take a rest. She says that she won’t leave him till he get well. He asks Akash to go back to home. He says that he won’t leave him. Pallavi brings soup for her father. She feeds to him. He is slowly recovering. Jaya Dev asks Pallavi about Akash? She said that he went to home. He asks her to go back to home. He will take a rest here. Pallavi says that he isn’t taking a proper care on him. Monty brings his report. He says that someone might be with him always. He needs full bed rest.

Pallavi scolds Jaya Dev for being careless. She says that he needs rest. He got heart attack it’s not a small thing. He asks her to take care of her in laws too. She says that she can take care of them. Tanu comes there. She apologized to him. She says that they were out for vacation. She came to know about his health. He consoles her. Aparna and her husband comes there to meet him. Jaya Dev greets them. He asks her to take Pallavi back to home. She says that she will solve this issues with her daughter-in-law. Pallavi feels dizzy. Akash asks her to eat something. She didn’t eat anything since morning. Aparna asks him to feed food to her. He feeds the food to her. Pallavi refuses to eat. Aparna says that they have to take care of both family. Jaya Dev feels happy to see his daughter got a good in laws. Later, There daughters are taking care of Jaya Dev. Pallavi giving medicine and food to him on time. She makes sure that he is doing exercises.

Pallavi takes Jaya Dev to the hospital. He complaints to Akash that he is alright. Pallavi says that his second report didn’t come yet. Akash says that he got partnership. Jaya Dev excuses them for a walk. Pallavi hugs him and congratulates her. He asks her to go out with him. Pallavi says that dad isn’t well. Jaya Dev hears it. Later, Aparna asks Akash about Pallavi. He says that she is busy in taking care of her dad. He needs a rest. The doctor advised someone might be with her. She will return to home once he gets well. Aparna appreciates him for understanding her well. Later, Jaya Dev shares his grief with his wife Aastha. He says that Pallavi is adamant in her decision. He turns off the tab seeing her. Pallavi is shocked to see the searching box. She confronts him why he is trying to go to Old age home. He says to her that she has to live with Akash. She shouldn’t stay with him. He advises her to go back to her home. She denied it. Jaya Dev scolds her. He demands her to leave from home. Pallavi feels heartbroken. She collapsed on the road.

Episode end

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