Aangan Apno Kaa 8th June 2024 Written Update: Akash fulfills Pallavi’s dream

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The episode starts with Jaya Dev searching for Pallavi. He thinks that she went out in anger. She will understand one day that he did everything for her good. Meanwhile, Akash says to his mom that he is trying to contact Pallavi since morning but she isn’t attending the call. He fears that something happened to Jaya Dev. Akash calls Jaya Dev and learns that Pallavi isn’t in home. He tells him that he will contact Monty and inquires him about her. He calls Monty and learns that she didn’t visit the shop. Akash says that he is going to search for her. He asks him to inform when he meet her. Jaya Dev informs Akash that Pallavi isn’t attending his call. Akash worries about Pallavi and searching for her.
Akash received a phone call. He rushes to the hospital. Later, Akash and Aparna are shocked to see Pallavi met with an accident. Akash asks her what happened to her? How did she got hurt? Pallavi is emotional. Akash asked the doctor about Pallavi’s health. He says that she met with an small accident. She is weak. It seems she was in stress recently. He says that he will inform Jaya Dev about it. Aparna stops him reasoning he got heart attack recently. She advises him to meet the doctor.

Aparna asks Pallavi what happened to her? Pallavi says that she is a failure. She isn’t a good daughter, daughter-in-law or a wife. She can’t take care of her father and in laws. Aparna says that a woman might go through this phase. They have lots of responsibilities. She is a good wife and daughter-in-law. They cares for her. Pallavi says that she can’t do her responsibility well. Her in laws also her responsibility. Dad decided to go to Home. He took that decision for a reason. He wanted to see her taking care of Akash and his family always. He doesn’t want to be a burden to her. Aparna consoles her. She says that she will talk with him. Akash thinks that he took a big decision. He has to do something. The next day, Jaya Dev recalls his beautiful moments he spent with his family members. He says bye to his wife and walks out of the house. Akash comes there. He asks him if Pallavi alright. He nodded to him. Akash says that they are going to shift to this house.

Jaya Dev refuses to stay with them. So they decided to stay with him. He scolds Pallavi for it. Akash says that he took this decision not Pallavi. Later, the family members are together. Pallavi checking her dad BP. Deepika says that boy is kicking her. Varun says that he needs a baby girl. Because Jaya Dev’s daughters are loving him a lot. Akash agreed to him. Me ntu comes there and gives a letter to her. He says that Pallani got investors for her shop. She is happy to hear it. Everyone congratulates her. Meanwhile, Akash and Pallavi spends a romantic time. Akash thanked Pallavi for unite the family. Later, Deepika got her delivery pain.
She gives birth to a baby girl. They feels relieved. Varun brings her back to home. Aparna takes arathi to her. Jaya Dev says to Aastha that Deepika gave birth to a baby girl. Her voice over says that she worried about her husband. She doesn’t know how he will raise there daughters after her death. He raised them well. They took the responsibility of their house. This is the story of Jaya Dev and his daughters.

The end

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