Aangan Apno Kaa 9th March 2024 Written Update: Pallavi’s move upsets the Awasti’s

Aangan Apno Kaa 9th March 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with the Awasti’s are worried in the hospital while Ravi gets treated. They all inquire doctor about Ravi’s condition. The doctor informs the family that Ravi’s condition is critical, which shocks them all. Akash pleads with the doctor to save Ravi. The doctor goes inside. Suresh and Aparna try to console both Subash and Kusum.

In Awasti’s house, Pallavi cries hard. Jaydev arrives there with Deepika and Tanvi. Pallavi hugs Jaydev. The Sharma’s shares a hug. Later, Deepika questions Pallavi about Ravi. Pallavi tells her that Ravi is indeed innocent. Deepika says that Ravi should have taken legal help. Jaydev explains how the legal system and society choose a woman more than a man, so Ravi must have felt pressured, so he took this decision. Pallavi blames herself for not informing the family members earlier about the scam Ravi trapped in. Deepika says to her that she tried, but the family didn’t believe her. Jaydev advises Pallavi to fight and prove her true intentions along with Ravi’s innocence. Pallavi agrees.

In the hospital, Sandhya arrives. She tells the family that she is here to check upon Ravi because he is Rinku’s father. Subash, Kusum, and Aparna plead with Sandhya to give Ravi another chance. The doctor arrives, and he informs the Awasti’s that they have to keep Ravi in an observation. He then leaves. Akash assures Kusum that nothing such won’t happen to Ravi.

There, Janhvi puts a lipstick mark on Ravi’s shirt. She also wipes lipstick from her lips. She then gets hopeful that her conspiracy against Ravi works in her favour to get him. She then sleeps on his shoulder. Meanwhile, in the hospital, the doctor advises the Awasti’s to help Ravi come out of the mental trauma. The family members oblige. Sandhya tells the family members that she can’t let her son Rinku become Ravi, and then she leaves from there. Kusum tells the family members that they should move on from this incident so that they can help Ravi to move on from this situation. The family members agree.

The next day, Pallavi is in a radio station with the DJ. The DJ gives an introduction about today’s topic of his show. He then asks Pallavi if she is ready. Pallavi says that she is ready. She then gets determined to prove Ravi’s innocence. Meanwhile, Rakesh wakes up from his sleepy state. He gets shocked seeing both his and Janhvi’s state. Janhvi lies to him about the previous night incident that happened. Rakesh gets tensed. He repeatedly tells that he loves Tanvi, so he can’t commit such mistakes. Just then, a police officer arrives there, which increases the worry of Rakesh. Tanvi tries Rakesh’s number, but when it doesn’t get connected, she gets worried.

In the hospital, Akash and the family members hear Pallavi’s name through the radio. Aparna and Kusum get upset. Aparna complains about ruining the family’s name. Pallavi shares Ravi’s story on the radio. She also tells it’s not always that men are wrong. She urges the people to share their story too, whoever get trapped in such a situation. Ravi, who gains consciousness, hears Pallavi’s words. Sandhya, who is on her way to home, also hears Pallavi’s information. Few people contact the radio station, and they share their story of being trapped by scammers. Pallavi requests the Awasti’s to have faith in Ravi and support him. The episode ends with Akash consoling Ravi, who has a breakdown.

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