Aankh Micholi 24th March 2024 Written Update: Kesarva tells Bhaven to leave the house with his family.

Aankh Micholi 24th March 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Kesarva telling that thief has stolen the things which can be purchased but Bhaven has broken her trust. Sumedh tries to console Kesarva but she loses her control and she tells Bhaven that she hates lies and betrayal. Bhaven blames Shivani for betraying his sister. Shivani and Bhaven fight . Shivani ask Bhaven that he has done for her and Prisha. Kesarva tells Bhaven that his daughter has blamed him. Prisha tells Kesarva that she has not lie her. Bhaven tells Kesarva that it’s not his fault that his daughters are liars and cheaters. Kesarva tells Bhaven that he will ask first if his daughter is unmannered and uncultured. Rukhmini thinks her family is getting insulted in front of her. Rukhmini realizes that she will have to hide the fact from Kesarva. Shivani requests Kesarva but Kesarva decides to punish Bhaven. Kesarva tells Bhaven to take his daughters and leave the house. Sumedh and Rupal tells Kesarva to forgive them. Kesarva breaks the alliance with Bhaven and his daughters. Rukhmini gets broken and she worries about her father. Rukhmini tells herself that she will have to finish herself forever because her father always taught her to tell the truth. Rukhmini thinks that she can’t humiliate her father and she will live with this lie.

Bhaven asks Kesarva to forgive him and he requests her. Kesarva gives the bus fare to Bhaven and asks him to leave the house.
Rukhmini thinks that Sumedh will understand her but her hopes break when she gets to know that Sumedh is a Chaiwala.

Bhaven does the packings with Shivani and Prisha. Shivani tells Bhaven to do something because she doesn’t want to roam outside. Bhaven tells Shivani that he don’t know what to do. Shivani tells Rasna to talk to Kesarva and requests her to stay in the house. Rasna slaps Shivani. Rasna blames Bhaven and Shivani for breaking her friendship with Kesarva.

Sumedh requests Kesarva and ask her to stop them. Sumedh tells Kesarva to think about Rasna mami and Pankhuri. Sumedh tells Kesarva that she must not take any decisions in anger and for that he will wait outside. Kesarva stops Bhaven and Rasna. Kesarva tells Bhaven that she is stop him because of Rasna and Sumedh. Kesarva tells Rasna that she bears the separation with her. Bhaven apologies Kesarva and tells her that he will not repeat this anymore. Kesarva tells Bhaven that she will not let them stay freely here. Kesarva tells Shivani that she will be house maid and she tells Bhaven to work under Sumedh. Kesarva tells Rasna to take rest. Kesarva tells Sumedh to do me a favour. Kesarva tells Sumedh that he will have to find that where Prisha has gone last night. Pankhuri makes fun of Niti. Rukhmini ask Rupal about Niti.

Precap- Rukhmini taunts Bakula Bua and Sonal that for the very first time she has been to her Navy husband’s tea shop. Rukhmini thanks Bakula and throw the wig in Sonal’s face. Rukhmini apologies her mother and tells that her loyal Rukhmini is dead now onwards. Sumedh gets to know about Rukhmini’s IPS training.

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