Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha: Shobhit vs Darsh, Who will win?

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Star Plus’s show Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha is all set to see some major twists and turns. With themarriages ending on a good note. Rakla plays a master plan with making Charmi believe that Shobhit married Gunjan because of Nandini. Darsh gets to know about the same and changes himself around Nandini due to this. Will veiwer get to see the romantic moments between Darsh and Nandini?

In the current track, Darsh starts taking Nandini’s innocence as her cleaverness. Darsh starts to show his angry side to Nandini. Darsh pledges to fullfill his promise to Charmi of taking revenge. Nandini gets locked in the washroom but Darsh thinks it’s his plan to lure him so he ignores her. Here, Shobhit is worried for Charmi who is still unconscious and he is unable to tell anyone thinking everyone thinks he is in his first night.

Shobhit hears to the voice notes by Charmi and thinks to take Darsh on his team. Shobhit goes to home and finds Darsh in study. Shobhit talks to Darsh how they should take Nandini down together and to help him. Shobhit says I am going to wait for your answer. It is revealed that it’s not Darsh in his study. Here Rakla taunts Gunjan that she is spending first night also alone. Gunjan feels angry. Nandini is still stuck in the washroom and waits for Darsh. Darsh comes to washroom forgetting about Nandini.

Nandini questions him what is wrong. Darsh talks rudely and doesn’t give any answer. Darsh taunts Nandini but hearing Rajvi coming, he asks Nandini to pretend that everything is okay. Next day, everyone teases Darsh and Nandini. Here, Gunjan is sleepy so everyone jokes on her. Shobhit who is waiting for Darsh to give him his support, gets shocked seeing Darsh happy with Nandini and wanting him to sot beside Gunjan.

Darsh thinks and feels sorry for Shobhit but also feels the need to hide it from Shobhit and Rajvi. Shobhit gets angry seeing Darsh so normal, so he decides to take revenge from Darsh as well. Shobhit thinks Darsh has seen his love now he is going to see his anger.

In the upcoming episodes, Shobhit will burn Darsh’s picture. Shobhit will start planning his revenge to destroy Darsh and Nandini. Here, Nandini will be unable to understand the different behaviour of Darsh.

Why has Darsh changed? How will Nandini face this new challenge? What will happen when Shobhit’s love changes into hatred? Who will prove Nandini innovent? What is in store for the lovely couple, Nandini and Darsh?

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