Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 13th April 2021 Written Update: Mystery woman locks Nandini at morgue

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 13th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Nandini wiping the floor. Vipul and Chetan visits Naveen house. Nandini welcome Vipul and Chetan. She asks them to wait and she will call Naveen. Vipul says to Nandini that he is here to talk with her. Nandini asks Vipul to continue. Vipul tells to Nandini that with one operation Darsh’s eye-sight can be revived. Nandini gets happy. Chetan asks Nandini to break her alliance with Darsh. Vipul says to Nandini, once Darsh’s eye-sight will be revived he will regret sharing life with her. Nandini stands shocked. Vipul and Chetan asks Nandini to break the alliance. Nandini says to Vipul and Chetan that she will not break the alliance but if Darsh feels she is not a perfect match for him than he will break his relationship with her. Chetan gets irked with Nandini. Vipul says to Nandini that they haven’t disclosed to Darsh about the operation as they doesn’t want to hurt him. Nandini refuses to break her alliance with Darsh. Chetan and Vipul leaves the place.

Parul asks Chetan why he directly visited Nandini without discussing with Rajvi. Vipul tells to Parul that Nandini is not a perfect match for Darsh as she refused to break the alliance with him. Chetan adds he checked Darsh and Nandini’s kundali and their stars are unmatched. Darsh comes and tells to Chetan he doesn’t believe in astrology but for Nandini’s sake he will perform puja. Vipul and Chetan stands shocked.

There, Gunn purchase gift for Shobhit. Charmi comes to the same shop and likes the same gift. Gunn gets angry on her for touching her gift which she is purchasing for her would be husband. Charmi asks Gunn to take the gift.

Other side, Nandini visit Doctor Rathode.  Rathode gets tensed. Namrata asks Rathode to relax. She replace herself as Rathode’s assistant and meets Nandini. She manipulates Nandini. Namrata locks Nandini at morgue.

Here, Darsh performs puja to lower Kundali dosh. Parul says to Chetan and Vipul that both Darsh and Nandini is not ready to break the alliance. Later, Nandini cries out for help. Namrata thinks none will hear Nandini’s voice. Nandini struggles to come out from morgue.

Furthermore, Charmi asks Gunn to give her the gift as she wants to give it to her would be husband. She says to Gunn she will pay her money. Gunn asks for Rs1000. Charmi give her the money and calls Shobhit. Vipul asks Shobhit why Charmi is calling him as he quoted she did a break up with him. Shobhit lie to Vipul and says, Charmi is after him.

Pandit ji asks Darsh to pray for himself. Darsh says Pooja is for Nandini thus he will first pray for her. Meanwhile, Nandini faints at morgue. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vipul gets angry on Nandini for getting Darsh operated without his concern. Namrata yells at Nandini too. Rawal’s gets shocked seeing Darsh at operation bed.

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