Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 17th April 2021 Written Update: Gunn’s evil plan for Nandini

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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 17th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Darsh asking Vipul to allow for wedding at Naveen’s house. Vipul worries about Rajvi. Darsh says to Vipul he will talk with Rajvi. Vipul says he is fine then. Nandini and Darsh signals each other. Ahead, Gunn comes running down. Shobhit worries if Gunn will reveal to Rawal’s why Charmi gave him romantic gift. Gunn asks permission from Vipul She decides to leave the house.

Nandini asks Gunn if she reveal to Shobhit about her affair with Rakla. Gunn lies to Nandini. Nandini says to Gunn that now Rakla won’t trouble him anymore. There, Gunn talks with Vanlata and reveals to the latter about Shobhit’s affair. Vanlata suggest Gunn to make Shobhit guilty about hiding his affair. Gunn gets happy.

Here, Nandini talks with Rakla and asks him to move on as Gunn breaks her ties with him. Rakla refuses to believe. Darsh comes to Nandini and asks her with whom she was talking. Nandini thinks if Darsh will learn about Gunn, he will break Shobhit’s alliance with her. She lies to Darsh. Darsh gets furious with Nandini for lying to him. Nandini assures Darsh that she will never hide anything related to her from him. Darsh feels bad and asks Nandini if she is angry with her.

Nandini says yes. Darsh says to Nandini to cheer her up he will take her to the shopping. Nandini refuses to go. She asks Darsh not to buy her forgiveness rather earn it. Darsh says he can do anything for her. Nandini asks Darsh to change his name post wedding. Darsh asks Nandini to tell the name. Nandini asks Darsh to keep ‘Hari Prasad’. Darsh says he needs to ask Rajvi. Nandini laughs. Darsh touches Nandini’s cheek.

Ahead, Rawal’s reach Naveen’s house to perform pre-wedding ritual. Parul asks Namrata why she is standing out. Namrata says because dirt stuck on her foot. Other side, Chetan sit on the chair and fall. Naveen apologizes. Vipul says it would have been better if they would have keep function at their house. Candyman asks Vipul to relax. Namrata demands AC from Naveen. Nandini brings fan for Namrata attached with water to give AC feel. Rawal’s gets impressed with Nandini’s invention. Nandini demands playing dandiya with Darsh. Darsh hesitates. Nandini motivates Dandiya.

Afterwards, Namrata tries to manipulate Darsh against Nandini. Darsh support Nandini. There, Shobhit tries to talk with Gunn. Gunn avoids Shobhit. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Darsh and Nandini spends romantic time. Mohan gets jealous seeing Darsh and Nandini together. He vows to break duo alliance.

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