Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 18th May 2021 Written Update: Rajvi plans a surprise for Darsh and Nandini

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Episode starts with Shobhit getting heartbroken learning about Charmi’s death. He denies to believe it and gets restless. He moves but falls down and cries being shattered. He blames himself for Charmi’s death and keeps sobbing.

Here, Nandini gets inside her room and locks the door leaving Darsh outside. He ask her to open it, but she wipes her tears and starts packing her luggage. She remembers his vows during their marriage “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha plays” and painfully mutters some of his oaths. She determines to leave him stating that she can’t be in a relationship where there is no respect. Meanwhile, Darsh keeps banging the door.

Rajvi reveals about her surprise for Darsh and Nandini to Vipul. She states that she have organised a car, which will take them to a beautiful suite. She consider it to be a compensation for their honeymoon. Vipul says that Shobhit will also ask for his gift. To which Rajvi states that she have planned something special for him too. They both smiles thinking about the gifts.

Shobhit hears Charmi’s last words in which she expresses her care towards him. He cries drinking alcohol and keeps blaming himself for her death. He states that he killed him and says that he should have never met her. He breaks the glass in fist of anger. At that time Darsh comes there and confronts Shobhit. He ask if he is drinking alcohol?

To which Shobhit glares him. He removes his earpods and Darsh hears Charmi’s voice. He questions Shobhit about it, while Shobhit states that he have already told her about it. Shobhit remembers the time when he have told the truth to Darsh. Whereas, Darsh ask him to say the matter but he diverts the topic. Darsh gets upset thinking about Shobhit’s pain.

A staff comes there informing Darsh about Nandini calling her urgently. He goes to meet her thinking if she is leaving. He feels sad but then covers up his emotions. Meanwhile, Vipul states that Rajvi’s gift will make the couple’s excited and pays the staff for calling Darsh from Nandini’s side.

Elsewhere, Nandini wipes her tears and decides to confront Darsh before leaving. Whereas, Darsh comes there and questions her for calling him. She states that she haven’t called him, while he starts scolding her. He tagged her to be a gold-digger and blames her for trapping them for money. She shows him the car decorated with flowers and ask him about it. She questions him about his dual behaviour, whereas he blames it upon her and states that it must be her plan to trap them again.

She gets frustrated with his accusations and starts throwing the flowers on him. Rawal’s witnesses the scenario and gets shocked. Vipul was about to stop them when Rajvi holds him. Nandini pours her heart out and cries remembering all his tortures. She gets flashes of their marriage and reminds him about his fake vows.

Darsh gets anxious and starts accusing her for using him in her ploy. He states that she created a plan to get their property and reveals about Charmi’s statement. He remembers his encounter with Charmi, whereas Rakla smirks from aside. Gunjan enjoys the drama, while Namrata accuses both of them. Nandini says that she doesn’t know about Charmi’s matter, while Darsh notify her about it.

He blames Nandini for keeping a condition for marriage. He says that Nandini have agreed for the marriage by keeping a condition in front of Rajvi for Gunjan and Shobhit’s marriage. Rajvi gets dumbfounded and remembers her encounter with Shobhit about this matter. Meanwhile, Nandini gets stunned hearing Darsh’s allegations and looks at him.

Precap:- Darsh blames Nandini, while she denies to know about it. Rajvi comes forward and states that Nandini doesn’t know about the truth. She utters that she have talked to Vanlata, who kept the condition for the marriage. Nandini declares to leave Darsh, while everyone gets shocked.

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