Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 21st April 2021 Written Update: Charmi determines to confront Shobhit

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Episode starts with Nandini and her family arriving in Goa. Gunjan gets irked by Nandini, whereas Baa promises her to stop Nandini from entering Rawal’s family. Rajvi and Shobhit welcomes them, while Rajvi talks to her future daughter-in-laws. She apprises them about the auspicious vermilion and tells about its importance. Nandini hears it carefully and gives a bright smile to Rajvi, whereas Gunjan tries to seek Rajvi’s attention by her Emotional drama.

Later, Rajvi comes towards Nandini and Gunjan to give them their vermilion but her legs slipped and Nandini’s vermilion falls from her hand. She finds it inauspicious and gets tensed.

Rajvi gives the box to both the girls and notify them about the traditions. She prohibit both of them from seeing their partners before marriage and specially Nandini. She then prays for Darsh and Nandini’s relationship.

Ahead, Nandini remembers Darsh’s angry behaviour and gets tensed. She thinks about how to console him, while at that time she gets his call. She receives it being nervous but gets calm hearing him talking normally. She shares her worry with him and requests him not to be angry on her in future. He smiles and talks romantically with her. She blushes “Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha tune plays” while they cuts the call as Parul comes to take Darsh for the rituals.

Rajvi scolds Darsh for being notorious and ask him to sit properly like Shobhit for the haldi ceremony. Parul ask Namrata to put haldi on Darsh, while she ignores. Parul requests Rajvi to tell Namrata but she denies. Haldi function gets started, whereas Parul along with Nirali goes towards the girls side.

Further, Darsh have a conversation with Shobhit and says that he trust his choice. He apologises to him for his behaviour towards Gunjan, while Shobhit looks lost. He gets a call from delivering agent, who informs him about sending the ring to a lady. Shobhit gets confused thinking about, whom the delivering agent have given the ring as Gunjan was with them.

Elsewhere, Charmi receives Shobhit’s diamond ring and gets confused about his behaviour. She thinks to clear everything with him after reaching Goa.

Rakla disguises himself as woman and comes inside the haldi function of Nandini. Baa smirks seeing him. He covers his face and applies haldi to Nandini, she gets scared hearing his voice and was about to follow him when Parul stops her. She gets concerned for Nandini, whereas Nandini assures her.

Rakla uncovers his face and determines to stop the marriage. He states that he won’t let Nandini marry Darsh. Whereas, Nandini keeps thinking about the suspicious women. At that time, Bansuri comes to her and gets emotional. Nandini tries to make her smile and hugs her in comforting manner. Further, both gets teary eyes thinking about being apart after the marriage. Meanwhile, Baa taunts Bansuri and calls her inside.

Precap:- Gunjan addresses Charmi as Shobhit’s ex-girlfriend, whereas Charmi gets furious and denies about breaking up with Shobhit. Later, Gunjan shares her worries with Baa, while she assures her to solve the problems. Nandini hears their conversation and confronts them.

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