Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Moped forces Nandini to marry him

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Screenshot 2021 0421 185334

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Episode starts with Vanlata getting restless, while Rakla ask her to relax. He states that he have locked Charmi inside the room. At that time, Rajvi comes there, whereas they gets alerted. They greets her while she ask about Nandini. They assures her that she will come after getting ready and she goes away. Vanlata gets worried about Nandini coming back, to which Rakla assures her that Moped won’t let her run away.

Here, Moped tied Nandini with a cannon. She struggles to free herself and shouts at him. He arranges stuffs to marry her. She screams for help, while he glares her and states that he will make her his. She keeps trying to get free and holds the rope.

Darsh keep waiting for Nandini, whereas Naveen brings Gunjan to the stage. Rajvi ask about Nandini, to which Naveen says that she is coming with Bansuri. Rajvi gets calm and waits for Nandini. Priest ask to bring the bride.

Bansuri comes inside being worried. She informs Naveen about Nandini being missing. Everyone gets shocked hearing it. Rajvi confronts Bansuri, while Naveen ask her to check the hotel. Darsh ask that if they are pranking him? To which Bansuri denies and shows her worry towards Nandini. Darsh gets up and starts moving, while Shobhit helps him to get down the stairs. They questions Gunjan about Nandini, whereas she replies that she have left before her. Vipul ask the driver about her, to which he replies that she have gone on someone else’s car.

Namrata points finger on Nandini’s character but Rajvi scolds her. Guests starts murmuring after hearing about bride being missing. Some starts saying that she have run away with the jewelleries, while other shows pity towards the groom. Darsh gets tensed and worries about Nandini. He gets hit by a chair, while everyone gets concerned for him. He shows his concern towards Nandini and determines to find her. All scatters away to search Nandini. Shobhit states that he will go along with Darsh, while Rajvi prohibited him from going. Darsh confesses his love for Nandini, saying that he can’t live without her. Everyone looks on, he moves forward but Rajvi gives her swear to him and stops him from going.

Elsewhere, Moped was about to tie nuptial chair around Nandini’s neck, when she hit his face freeing her hand and tries to escape from there. Moped screams her name being furious and runs behind her.

Gunjan gets worried about her marriage and shares her tension with Naveen. He talks to Rajvi about it, but she says that both his sons will get married together. Shobhit agrees to her, whereas Naveen begs them to perform Gunjan and Shobhit’s marriage before the auspicious time ends. He looks at Rakla and worries about Gunjan. Darsh asks Rajvi to start with Shobhit’s wedding. Shobhit denies to do it, he says that he won’t marry without him. Darsh scolds him, while Shobhit was about to blurt out the truth but stopped realising his mistake.

Here, Namrata comes stating that she found Nandini. She brings a lady in bridal attire, covering her face with a veil. Everyone gets happy, but Gunjan curses Moped for flopping her plan. Darsh shows his concern towards Nandini. Rakla gets angry at Moped, whereas Shobhit blames himself for betraying Charmi and then decides to proceed with the marriage, for the sake of his brother. Darsh was about to touch the lady, but she falls back. Namrata holds her and tries to divert Darsh. She ask to begin the rituals, while Darsh looks dubious.

Precap:- Darsh stops the wedding stating that the lady is not Nandini. He shouts at her asking about Nandini, while Rajvi tries to calm him. Elsewhere, Moped forces Nandini to marry him.

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