Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 23rd June 2021 Written Update: Gunjan steals Nandini’s bracelet

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Episode starts with Shobhit asking Nandini to shout for Darsh’s help. She starts calling for Darsh to save her, while he immediately comes there and gets worried for Nandini. He jumps into the pool and holds Nandini bringing her out of the water. She shows gratitude towards him for saving her. He questions that how she fell inside the pool? To which she lies that her footwear got broken. She also thanks him for rescuing her from the thief. He denies saying that he couldn’t able to catch the thief but Nandini boosts his confidence. Later, she goes inside to change.

Here, Shobhit comes out as soon as Nandini goes away. He manipulates Drash against her. He intentionally picks Nandini’s footwear and states that it is perfectly fine. Darsh gets shocked. Shobhit says that Nandini must have lied to make Darsh feel confident. He continues that she must have noticed Darsh’s sadness as he couldn’t able to save her from the thief and that is why tried to fake the situation, so that he can save her. Darsh gets anxious and goes inside, while Shobhit smirks and jumps inside the pool.

Nandini changes her clothes. Darsh goes inside the room and confronts her regarding her act. He ask why she lied to him? While she tries to make him understand but he stops her. He states that he do have limitations and that is why he couldn’t able to save her. She tries to interrupt him but he declares that he hate sympathy and ask her not to show it towards him. At that time he holds her hand and gets stunned on not finding the bracelet. He questions her about it, to which she also gets shocked and replies that it must have misplaced somewhere, she assures him that she will find it. He gets disappointed with her and goes from there. Nandini feels sad and starts searching for the bracelet. Rajvi and Gunjan sees her tensed and ask about the matter. Nandini informs Rajvi about the bracelet and cries, while she tries to calm her.

Elsewhere, Gunjan smirks and takes out the bracelet. She gets flashes of how she have stolen it from Nandini. She asks Nandini for help in opening a bag. She intentionally drops all the clothes and as Nandini was helping her to put the staff inside the bag, she pulls the bracelet from Nandini’s hand. Later, she kisses the bracelet being excited, when Shobhit comes there. He takes the bracelet from her. He fakes his love for Gunjan making her happy and lies that he wants to make a special bracelet for her. She closes her eyes as he comes near her but in the nick of time he leaves from there. Shobhit sees the bracelet and thinks about his plan to separate Nandini and Darsh.

Parul talks with Bansuri and reminds her about not telling Nandini regarding the matter. Bansuri agrees to her. At that time Parul sees Nandini crying and goes to console her. Rajvi also comes there and both assures Nandini that they will fine the bracelet. They ask her not to worry about it and insists her to eat something. She goes away, while Rajvi confronts Parul regarding her failed attempt to conceive. She tries to talk to Parul regarding it but latter thanks Rajvi for transferring the car on her name and goes away.

Ahead, Vipul gets restless seeing the property papers and shares his tension with Rajvi. Chetan hears their conversation and goes away. Rajvi determines to find about the truth which Chetan and Parul are hiding from them.

Darsh feels annoyed with himself. He remembers Nandini’s poem for Ritesh and the way he gets worried for Nandini. Darsh feels jealous of Ritesh and gets insecure regarding their relationship. He states that he is not perfect for Nandini and have destroyed her life by marrying her. He says that she have to bear all the humiliations due to him.

Further, Nandini keeps searching for the bracelet. She gets restless, while Shobhit watches her from aside and laughs seeing her condition. He says that she won’t be able to find the bracelet and smirks thinking about his next plan. He goes away, whereas Nandini keeps looking for the ornament everywhere and gets shattered on not finding it.

Precap:- Darsh enquires the Jeweller about the bracelet, to which he replies that Shobhit have came to purchase it. Later, Shobhit informs Darsh that they have found the bracelet. Darsh confronts him and ask to tell the truth.

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