Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 24th July 2021 Written Update: Darsh gets concerned about Vini and Nandini’s safety

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 24th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Rajvi taking Jenal out of Darsh’s room. She handles the situation saying that Jenal is just teasing Nandini and drags her out. She takes her inside other room and notify about Nandini’s death. She ask her to hide the truth from Darsh, whereas Jenal cries remembering Nandini.

Here, Darsh apprises Rajvi about Jhunjhunwala’s family Vini and her mother. He states that they don’t have anyone else and is suffering from financial issues. He says that he have indirectly helped them with the money, but get concerned about their safety. She ask him to call her to know about her state, to which he denies but then gives up. He calls on her number, while Vini picks the call. He ask if moneylenders are still troubling them? To which she denies. They starts their funny banter, whereas he gets irked by her blabbering. At that time Nandini comes there and takes the call from Vini. She warns Darsh not to worry about them, while he ends the call.

Darsh ask Charmi to teach their staff her handmade sweet, so that they can add it in the menu. She gets scared and looks at Rajvi. Rajvi agrees and assures Charmi.

Elsewhere, Gunjan shouts at Bansuri. She keeps scolding her in high voice, while Bansuri gets scared and her health starts deteriorating. She falls down getting an attack, while Gunjan smirks thinking about a plan. She leaves Bansuri there and mutters about exposing Charmi.

Vini and Nandini wakes up hearing a sound inside their house. They gets scared and goes to check. They gets dumbstruck seeing Darsh installing security camera inside their house. Nandini confronts him about getting inside and ask what is he doing? He tells them about the camera, while Vini becomes excited learning that they can see moneylenders before they enters their house. He explains her about the security camera, whereas Nandini comes there and pays him the money. He also shows her the plant he bought for her. He says that it will be a mental therapy for her.

Ahead, Darsh gets Gunjan’s call who informs him about Bansuri’s condition. She smirks thinking about exposing Charmi in front of Darsh. Darsh leaves from there, while Nandini gets worried about her sister and decides to visit her. Darsh informs Charmi and ask her to come, while she calls Rajvi and notify about it.

Charmi stands in front of Bansuri’s house. She waits for Rajvi to get inside, while Darsh comes there and takes her inside. Darsh ask her to sign the song which calms Bansuri, whereas Charmi somehow manages the situation. Gunjan waits for Bansuri to wake up in order to expose Charmi. Whereas, Charmi worries and thinks about leaving from there.

Further, Rajvi calls Naveen and informs him about the matter. She notify him that they are hiding the truth from Darsh and ask him to act along. At that time Bansuri gets concious and declares that Charmi is not Nandini. Gunjan smirks as her plan works. Darsh gets shocked and tries to make Bansuri understand, but she stays firm on her statement saying that Charmi is not Nandini.

Precap:- Nandini goes to meet Bansuri. Whereas, Rajvi sees her and gets shocked.

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