Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 26th July 2021 Written Update: Gunjan taunts Charmi

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Episode starts with Bansuri denying to consider Charmi as Nandini. She declares that Charmi is not Nandini, while Darsh gets shocked and tries to make her understand. Charmi gets scared, whereas Naveen along with Rajvi and Vanlata comes there. He also tries to convince Bansuri and remembers the flashback where Rajvi asked him for his help. She have explained him about their lie and ask him to act along with them. He agrees but worries about Bansuri. Whereas, they goes to Vanlata and takes her help. Naveen states that she have to act in front of Bansuri, while latter agrees.

Here, Vanlata also tries to convince Bansuri. Gunjan gets irked seeing her family destroying her plan. Naveen states that Bansuri is affected by the attack and so can’t able to recognise Nandini. He makes her sleep, while Darsh and his family leaves the room for Bansuri to rest. Gunjan tries to question Naveen but he makes her silent.

Nandini disguises herself and decides to meet Bansuri. She calls Mahesh and shows her gratitude towards him for keeping Vini. She visits Bansuri and gets emotional seeing her condition. Bansuri was about to tell her regarding Rawal’s but Nandini stops her saying she doesn’t want to talk about them.

Elsewhere, Vini sees pamplet of sweet making competition and says that no-one can make better sweets then her mother. Whereas, Darsh assures Charmi that Bansuri will soon get fine. Nandini sees him talking to someone but ignores it. She imagines Rajvi coming inside the room and getting shocked on seeing her. She comes back to reality and thinks about leaving before anyone can recognise her.

Rajvi explains herself in front of Naveen. She says that she must have told the truth to Bansuri before only. She worries about her health, whereas Gunjan apologises to them stating that she wasn’t aware that Bansuri doesn’t know about the matter. Rajvi goes inside along with Naveen, while Gunjan notify Vanlata about her plan. Whereas, Vanlata smirks thinking about the drama.

Ahead, Darsh ask Charmi to stay along with Bansuri. Gunjan comes there and teases Charmi intentionally talking about Shobhit. She says that how much Shobhit love and cares for him and tries to make Gunjan jealous. As soon as Darsh leaves from there, Gunjan sits in front of Charmi and keeps pulling her leg. She saves her number in Charmi’s phone and taunts her for getting Darsh. She states that she was destined to marry Shobhit, while Charmi goes inside being sentimental. Gunjan laughs along with Vanlata.

Vini calls Darsh and ask him to bring some ingredients. She reminds him that he promised to fulfill all their demands, while he agrees to send her all the ingredients. Vini smiles and thinks that Nandini can easily win the sweet making competition and they can give the money to moneylenders to get rid of them.

Further, Charmi goes inside and takes her leave while Naveen assures her that Bansuri will be fine. She meets Shobhit on the way and both stares at each other. At that time Gunjan comes there, while Charmi leaves. Shobhit shows her that entry of sweet making competition and goes inside.

Nandini gets tensed thinking about Bansuri’s health. Suddenly, she gets hurt while Vini worries about her. She assures Vini and starts aiding her wound, but Vini takes her phone secretly and calls Charmi asking about doctor’s number making her panic.

Precap:- Nandini indirectly taunts Darsh for the pain he have given her. Whereas, he gets confused.

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