Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Vini gets shocked learning about Jhunjhunwala’s death

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Screenshot 2021 0421 185334

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 2nd August 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Rajvi reminding Charmi about her promise that she will always protect her unborn child till she is alive. She gets flashback of the time when Charmi notified her about being pregnant with Shobhit’s child. She gets shocked, while Charmi says that she doesn’t want to abort her child but is not brave enough to give birth to a baby before marriage. She shares her worry with Rajvi that Shobhit isn’t ready to leave Gunjan, whereas Rajvi comes out with a solution and says that the child will get Darsh’s name and ask Charmi to be Nandini. They comes out of flashback and Rajvi worries thinking about Darsh’s reaction if he gets to learn about the truth. Meanwhile, Charmi smiles remembering Darsh’s care towards her.

Here, Nandini visits Rawals and gets flashes of the time when she left their house. She gets emotional and goes inside their house. Whereas, Darsh comes inside his room being tensed about Charmi. Rajvi handles the situation saying that Charmi’s stomach got upset due to unhealthy food, while latter agrees to it. Darsh forces to take her to the doctor, whereas Rajvi agrees to him. He goes out of the room, while Charmi panics about going to the doctor. Rajvi assures her that she is sending to the doctor who knows about their problem and won’t tell Darsh about the truth.

Rajvi goes inside Vini’s room and sees her going through some stuffs. She smiles seeing her and let her take whatever she wants. Vini shows her excitement of staying with a huge family, but says that it is incomplete without her mother. She misses Nandini, whereas Rajvi gets worried thinking about the way Vini is attached to the fake Ishani.

Elsewhere, Nandini gets flashes of the allegations Rawals have made on her. She gets sentimental and gets worried about going inside. She calls Darsh but he doesn’t pick her phone. At that time she hears Rajvi and Vipul’s voice from inside the house. She gets shocked learning that Darsh have someone else in his life. She gets dumbstruck finding that he have changed her with someone else and feels dejected. She says that she also have Vini in her life. She learns that Darsh is in temple and leaves from there. Meanwhile, Rajvi ask Vipul to visit the temple along with their family.

Parul shows her excitement upon getting Vini in their life. She says that God have fulfilled their wish of having a child. Meanwhile, Chetan says that Vini is unaware of Jhunjhunwala’s death and leaves for the temple. Whereas, Vini hears their conversation and gets shocked learning about her grandfather’s death. She feels suffocated and falls unconscious.

Ahead, Nandini reaches the temple. Charmi feels nauseous while Nandini helps her, but both couldn’t able to see each other’s face. Nandini goes to buy water for Charmi, while Darsh comes there and gets conserned for Charmi. He gives her water and takes care of her. At that time Nandini also comes there and gets dumbstruck seeing him with Charmi. She concludes that they both are together, but gets confused thinking about Charmi and Shobhit’s relationship, whereas Darsh leaves from their along with Charmi.

Precap:- Darsh drags Nandini inside his house, while Rajvi gets shocked seeing her. Nandini also looks at Rajvi being worried.

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