Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 2nd March 2021 Written Update: Darsh helps Nandini

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 2nd March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Darsh revealing Paris is just not a place for him but here he is going to get an award for photography. Darsh Rawal is called on the stage for an award. There, a person beats Darsh for eyeing upon his girlfriend. Darsh tries to explain to the man that he can’t see. He taunts on Darsh being an Indian. Darsh hit the man and hear the announcement. Girl out there say Darsh is blind. Darsh hear where the stage is. He footsteps towards the stage. A person offers a help to Darsh. Darsh says he will manage. He receives an award. Guest asks Darsh to deliver a speech. Darsh says he is blind photographer and feel the beauty by heart which his eyes can’t see. Man out there says Darsh is lying as blind person cannot click such a fine image. He tries to destroy the image. Darsh hear the voice and protects it. He says Dwarka is just not a place for him but a place for whom he don’t needs an eye to see. Darsh says his mother might be waiting for him.

Other side, Nandini reveal about her sister wedding. Woman out there reveal Nandini is an orphan and both the sisters have considered cow as their mother. Further, Nandini see her Lord’s image in the newspaper. She wishes to meet the person. Ahead, Rawal family does the Puja. Rajvi closes her eye. Her husband ask he don’t understand why she closes her eye while praying. He asks it’s been three years since she hasn’t seen Dwarkadesh’s idol. Rajvi reveal Lord snatched eye-sight from Darsh thus, she will not see the idol. Ahead, Rajvi asks Rawal family to pack the sweets to donate it at blind school. She asks Vipul to keep practicing as on Darsh’s wedding she will make her pack 5K sweets. Vipul says to Rajvi no family will accept him because of his disability. Rajvi says she will find a firl for Darsh.

There, Nandini is excited for sending her sister to her in laws. Her sister worry what if her husband will not accept her. She also worry post her exit who will take care of Nandini. Afterwards, Shobhit fix clock in Darsh’s room. Rajvi gets disappointed with Shobhit. She accuse him for always making Darsh realize that he is differently disabled. Rajvi ask Shobhit to take an inspiration from Darsh as insipte being blind he has achieved so much in his life. She compares Shobhit with Darsh. Shobhit inform Rajvi that Vipul has assigned him for today’s meeting. He asks her to give blessing. Rajvi turns around and says Darsh is back. Shobhit feels bad. Ahead, Darsh meet Rawal’s. He shares a talk with Rajvi.

Further, Darsh decide to go ghat and click picture. Anisu and Nandini reach the same ghat. Darsh hear the distance voice to click the pictures. In the meantime, weather gets poor. Nandini refuses to leave the stuff of her sister wedding. Boat out there about to get drown. Darsh and other asks Nandini to leave the stuff else she will get stuck in the water. Nandini refuses to come. Darsh jumps into the water to save Nandini. Nandini falls and Darsh catches her. Both share an eye-lock. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Rajvi vows to get Darsh married within 30 days.