Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 3rd April 2021 Written Update: Shobhit decides to sacrifice his happiness for Darsh

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 3rd April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Shobhit saying to Rajvi that he is ready for the alliance. He says the pain he has given to Darsh to pay-off it the condition is small. Shobhit and Rajvi recall the accident incident. In the flashback; Shobhit cries learning that Darsh lost his sight. He loose his cool. Back to reality; Shobhit says to Rajvi that Darsh’s love shouldn’t be incomplete this time. He agree to marry Gunjan. Rajvi hugs Shobhit. Shobhit feels bad for Charmi. Rajvi asks Shobhit again, if he doesn’t like any girl. Shobhit lie to Rajvi. Rajvi asks Shobhit not to tell Darsh about the condition. Shobhit assures Rajvi. Rajvi calls Vanlata and informs her that she is ready to make Gunn her daughter-in law too. She also asks Shobhit to meet Gunjan.

Other side, Vanlata gets happy. Naveen, Nandini, Gunn and Bansuri stands shocked seeing Vanlata. Vanlata touch Nandini’s feet for bringing happiness in their life. Nandini stands confused. Naveen asks Vanlata what happened. Vanlata inform that Rajvi along with Darsh-Nandini has also fixed Gunn’s alliance with Shobhit. Bansuri, Naveen and Nandini stands shocked. In the flashback; Vanlata tell to Gunn about her plan.

Gunn gets excited to marry Shobhit. She gets happy thinking she will become rich. Back to reality; Naveen asks Vanlata if she is not lying. Vanlata asks Naveen to call Rajvi and ask himself. Nandini think how Rajvi fixed her alliance with Darsh. Naveen asks Nandini to think before taking a decision as Darsh is especially abled. Nandini says to Naveen she is not worrying because Darsh is blind rather she is thinking if she is perfect match for Darsh or not.

Here, Darsh looks for Nandini’s anklet. Rajvi bring Nandini’s anklet. She inform Darsh about fixing Nandini’s alliance. Darsh asks Rajvi why she didn’t talked to him once before fixing the alliance. Rajvi asks Darsh if he doesn’t love Nandini. Darsh says to Rajvi he can’t do wrong with Nandini.

Meanwhile, Vipul gets angry on Rajvi for fixing Shobhit and Darsh’s alliance without informing them. Shobhit asks Vipul to calm down as Darsh loves Nandini. Parul and Chetan ask Shobhit but he loves Charmi than why he is marrying Gunn. Vipul gets adamant to talk with Rajvi about charmi. Shobhit lie to Vipul, Chetan and Parul that Charmi and his break happened. He further apologize to Charmi and says he can’t leave an opportunity to bring happiness in Darsh’s life.

Furthermore, Darsh refuses to marry Nandini. Rajvi tries to make Darsh understand that Nandini is good human being and doesn’t differentiate between people. Darsh recall him moments with Nandini. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Darsh meet Nandini and says to her that he won’t be able to praise her beauty ever. Nandini’s secret lover spot Darsh with Nandini. He decides to teach Darsh a lesson.

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